Monday, April 6, 2015


A research by EWG reveals that the cosmetic industry uses nano-scale ingredients routinely, even though their exposure and potential risks are poorly understood. While FDA conducts basic research with regard to the safety aspects of ingredients, the cosmetic industry continues to use these chemicals.
In many cases, the product labels carry no mention of these nano chemical particles. EWG identified nearly 9,800 products containing nano-scale ingredients, or ingredients that may contain a nano-scale fraction. None of nano-scale materials currently used in cosmetics have been substantiated for safety in cosmetics by the FDA, or the Cosmetic Ingredients Review Expert Panel.
EWG has, therefore, rightly recommended that FDA should establish a definition for adequate substantiation of safety for cosmetic ingredients, including nano-scale materials.   
There have been reports that cosmetic manufacturers might, therefore,
 be required to register with the authorities the details of the nano chemical particles to ensure safety of the products.
In Canada, the Government has realized the harmful effects the microbeads (tiny plastic particles) in the skincare products cause to the environment, and are now initiating action to ban their use in cosmetic products.

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