Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Most visible signs of aging are emerging lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. Often changes in skin (epidermis, dermis, sweat glands, hair follicles, blood vessels and fat), are related to environmental factors (like sun exposure), genetic makeup, nutritional food, lifestyle, including regular physical work-outs.  Aging skin thus appears thinner, more pale, and clear (translucent) and begins to show pigmented spots, liver spots especially in sun-exposed areas.
The appearance of the face and neck typically changes with age. Loss of muscle tone and thinning skin gives the face a flabby or drooping appearance. In some people, sagging jowls may create the look of a “double chin.”
Changes in the connective tissue reduce the skin's strength and elasticity, leading to leathery, weather-beaten appearance more among those spending time outdoors. The blood vessels of the dermis become more fragile. Sebaceous glands produce less oil as you age. Men experience a minimal decrease, usually after the age of 80. Women gradually produce less oil beginning after menopause. This can make it harder to keep the skin moist, resulting in dryness and itchiness, and growth of skin tags, warts and other blemishes appear more commonly among older people. 
Aging skin repairs itself more slowly than younger skin. Wound healing may be up to 4 times slower. Your skin also dries out and loses the underlying layer of fat so that your face no longer has a plump smooth surface. To some extent, wrinkles cannot be avoided. However, sun exposure and cigarette smoking are likely to make them develop more quickly. The number and size of blotches and dark spots on the face increase as well. These pigment changes are largely due to sun exposure.
As you age, your skin begins to produce less oil, making it drier and loose. There are cosmetic procedures that can reverse this problem, but they’re all pretty invasive and require weeks of recovery time. It is important to understand the difference between topical agents that reduce the appearance of wrinkles and those that actually tighten the skin and reduce sag. Most of the time consumers begin a regimen consisting of only anti-wrinkle creams that only help smooth out wrinkles but not actually tighten the skin. One must therefore follow “anti-aging” course. Special serums, which contain tiny molecules of rich nutrients are able to penetrate deep through the skin, creating better effect.

At Herbally Radiant, with our long experience of manufacturing most effective skin-friendly anti-aging formulations, we have discovered excellent herbal extracts which produce amazingly wonderful anti-aging effect. Our top of the range anti-aging formulations:  Rejuvenating and Radiant (Cleanser,Toner, Serum and Cream) for different skin types (dry, combination and oily) contain a combination of herbal and other natural extracts. Most of these ingredients have been used by people in different countries to maintain their youthful skin. Full of antioxidants that boost body’s ability to produce collagen, elastin and other important skin molecules, these are the best options for consumers who wish to begin anti-aging treatment for themselves.

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