Friday, April 24, 2015


Earth Day reminds us about the eco-friendly business practices. Fortunately, there has been steady rise in popularity of natural personal care products. Encouraged by the growing business trend, some big corporate bodies have looked into the possibility of using synthetic biology for production of natural ingredients which go into several cosmetic products.
Uniliver and Ecover have incorporated the synthetically produced algae oil into manufacture of soaps. More corporate players are looking into synthetic production of lavender and patchouli.
However, the impact of such synthetically produced natural ingredients will have to be watched carefully in the coming years.  Since these important ingredients for beauty products might not be grown in organic manner, the consumers  themselves will need to monitor their efficacy and side effect, if any.
The growing trend of using the organic products is also under watchful eyes of government agencies which have set clear standards as to which natural products can be labelled as ‘organic’. In a recent class suit to be heard by SC of Quebec, Vogue International is reported to be agreeing to a settlement under which it “will not use the word ‘organic’ to promote the sale of any hair or skin care products. .. unless such product contains at least 70 per cent organically produced ingredients”.
Unlike US, Canada and Europe, where use of organic labelling is well regulated, there are many brands elsewhere, especially the on-line suppliers, who do not feel obliged to follow the internationally acceptable standards for quality and safety. According to USDA stipulations, only those products which have no less than 70% organic ingredients can use the label ‘organic’ or ‘made with organic ingredients’.
The safest and reliable skin care products would, therefore, continue to be those which contain natural ingredients. Herbally Radiant, which specializes in the use of herbal (plant and flower) extracts has been experimenting with different combinations of natural ingredients and essential oils to constantly enhance their effect, especially the anti-aging (Rejuvenating andRadiant) and anti-acne (Clean) range of its products. These help skin to regain its lost shine and texture, and strengthen skin’s immune system to protect it against external pollutants.  The total effect is amazing rejuvenation of skin.

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