Wednesday, March 29, 2017


A new study by experts led by Feng Lei, at National University of Singapore’s School of Medicine, confirms a link between tea intake and cognitive decline, MNT has reported.
There have been several earlier studies underlining the high levels of antioxidants in tea linked to a lower risk of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.  The health benefits of tea consumption have also been well documented according to the study published in The American Jourbnal of Public Health. However, its potential health benefits go much farther.
The latest study reported by MNT indicates up to 86% lower risk of cognitive decline for tea drinkers.  The researchers note that the cognitive benefits were seen with consumption of tea that was brewed from tea leaves, such as green tea, black tea, and oolong tea.
The study links the beneficial characteristics of tea to its healthy contents such as theaflavins, catechins, thearubigins, and L-theanine.
"These compounds exhibit anti-inflammatory and antioxidant potential and other bioactive properties that may protect the brain from vascular damage and neurodegeneration," Lei explains
Herbally Radiant has been using tea extracts in its beauty formulations. The extracts of buds and leaves of tea make very effective ingredient in natural organic products. Green teas have the highest concentration of antioxidant properties (polyphenol and flavonoid content). Green and white teas thus possess anticancer and antimutagenic properties which also provide excellent skin nourishment.
Green tea is particularly beneficial in preventing heart problems, lowering cholesterol, burning fat, preventing strokes and diabetes. The green tea is available with minimal processing – its leaves are withered and not fermented. It therefore becomes effective organic ingredient in top beauty formulations designed to prevent acne and restore the shine of the facial skin, while also nourishing hair and maintaining their shine.
Herbally Radiant has therefore used green tea extract for its anti-aging properties.  Its top of the range products, namely, Rejuvenating and Radiant contain a combination of essential oils which work in tandem with tea extracts and create a revitalized and bright skin. These formulations have been very popular with customers who have experienced reduction in appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
The Rejuvenating and Radiant Cleansers have been specially launched by Herbally Radiant to help eliminate very gently all impurities, including make-up marks, without stripping skin of its natural oils. This helps skin to absorb rich nutrients from specially prepared serums and moisturizers.  The net result is a fine rejuvenated skin, showing bright side of it.

Friday, March 24, 2017


In a welcoming trend, more and more consumers are showing awareness of the sustainability aspect of skin care products.

This is especially important in the case of products containing natural ingredients where the role of raw material suppliers is important. Apart from the need to ensure the sustainability of natural resources, they need to maintain the quality of the raw material as well. The safety and reliability of the skin care products, like drugs, needs to be guaranteed since it is in the domain of public health.

As regards the quality aspect, Herbally Radiant has come across scores of online suppliers of natural raw ingredients, or finished natural products, which offer unbelievably low prices. Obviously, the supplies are less than safe as there have been several instances where, for example, expensive Essential Oils were supplied with adulterated vegetable oils.

It is a healthy trend that consumers are now questioning the real contents of the products and assuring themselves about the sustainability aspect.  They are demanding to know what ingredients are in their chosen brands; whether the ingredients come from where they are tested on animals; if the sources of raw materials are renewable, or if they contribute to the deforestation or loss of biodiversity, and ultimately they want their brand to be sustainable.

The beauty industry needs to ensure :

a)Intrinsic environmental cosmetics: reducing carbon footprint, water and waste, increased use of renewable raw materials, increased used of non-fossil energy and greater efficiency of the products in use; and

b)Sustainable raw material supplies: renewable vs petrochemicals, and sustainable credentials of the renewable raw materials.

Herbally Radiant has been promoting sustainable manufacturing practices.  In its products, it uses the USDA certified natural ingredients to ensure total safety, reliability and sustainability aspects of manufacturing process, and its overall business operations.

Thursday, March 23, 2017


According to the Zion Market Research study “Anti-Aging … Market, by product (Botox, Anti-Wrinkle Products, Anti-Stretch Mark Products, …), the global demand for anti-aging products was valued at $ 140 billion in 2015 which is expected to reach $ 216.52 billion by 2021.
It is this market potential which is motivating several cosmetic companies to come up with various kinds of options  like Anti-Pigmentation Therapy, Anti-Adult Acne Therapy, Breast Augmentation, Liposuction, Chemical Peel, Hair Restoration Treatment), by Device (Microdermabrasion, Laser Aesthetics, Anti-Cellulite Treatment and Anti-Aging Radio Frequency Devices).
Aging is achieved by a cycle of different biochemical procedures in the body that influence it, both internally and externally. These biochemical procedures cause the body to degenerate over a timeframe, affecting the wellbeing, wellness and physical appearance of an aging person
Anti-aging includes procedures and medication intended to delay, stop or retard the aging process. Baby boomer’s progressing towards retirement age; contribute a strong market for various organizations and cosmetic surgeons. Anti-aging product advancement and innovations coupled with improved efficiency and safety are considered to be major driving factor for anti-aging market.
Few weeks back, reports said that scientists were trying to plant friendly bacteria on skin which could help prevent premature aging signs.  This week, a team of Erasmus University Medical Center in the Netherlands are planning human trials for what they hope is a treatment for old age. The scientists have created a drug that selectively killed senescent cells by disrupting the chemical balance within them. Though this will have many physiological benefits, the application of the new technique is most likely to be used for anti-aging procedures which the cosmetic industry is so keen to exploit.
At Herbally Radiant, the R&D team has tested the efficacy of several natural ingredients in combination with blends of essential oils. The resulting formulations: Radiant and Rejuvenating ranges have shown amazing results, and are more cost effective than the types of anti-aging drugs and procedures being marketed by the industry with unverifiable claims.
The ingredients in the anti-aging formulations developed by the HerballyRadiant have proven record of safety and efficacy for centuries. Without causing any side effect, which is especially crucial for sensitive type of skin, the natural organic ingredients in these anti-aging formulations are USDA certified organic that adhereto the highest standard of quality and safety.
Instead of venturing into questionable new drugs and procedures, the safer and inexpensive choice for the consumers would be to opt for natural skin care products, especially when it comes to applying anti-aging formulations.

Friday, March 17, 2017


There was an interesting study on misleading labels on food products, carried out by the Duke-UNC USDA Center for Behavioral Economics and Healthy Food Choice Research (BECR).
It points out that the growing brands of food products try to influence consumer habit by making variety of claims related to their perceived health benefits.   As many Americans try to make better food choices, companies have been quick to adopt packaging that makes "low-content" nutrient claims such as "low-fat" or "low-sodium." Because there is no uniformity to what these statements mean, consumers are often left confused and ill informed. According to a  new study in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, simply making a low-content claim on the label was not a reliable indicator of a product's actual nutritional quality and that these claims may give consumers a false sense of confidence about the healthfulness of their food. For example, a cookie that is marked "low-sugar" may contain less sugar than the "regular" version, but that low-sugar claim doesn't guarantee it contains less sugar than other cookies.
After looking at data that included over 80 million food and beverage purchases from over 40,000 households, the researchers found that 13% of food and 35% of beverage purchases had a low-content claim, and that "low-fat" was the most common claim, followed by "low-calorie," "low-sugar," and "low-sodium." While the data revealed that products with some sort of claim had lower mean energy, total sugar, total fat, and sodium densities, they did not always represent the best nutritional value. The study suggests that because labels only need to make claims relative to other similar foods and not a standard definition of what "low" means, these claims do not offer consumers any real information or give a good indication of the general healthiness of the food.
Engaged in the natural organic formulations for skin care, Herbally Radiant has seen similar labeling tricks played on the consumers with high sounding claims that are unverifiable. There is need, therefore, to make the label information on skin care and cosmetic products transparent to enable consumers to make informed choice.

Monday, March 13, 2017


                In the context of the International Women’s Day organized by the Herbally Radiant on March 8, the book “The Beauty Myth” written by Naomi wolf (published by Harper Perennial) drew our attention to the point that women now have come to enjoy more equality, privileges and social and political rights, but the beauty factor continues to have greater dominance over women’s lives, their own thinking, the attitude of their male colleagues, preference of marketing and promotional companies, fashion trends and so on. The book highlights the beauty myth, as an obsession with physical perfection that traps the modern woman in an endless spiral of hope, self-consciousness, and self-hatred as she tries to fulfill society’s impossible definition of “the flawless beauty”.

The myth of beauty has provoked author to tell the world that women should be judged not necessarily by the prevalent yardsticks of physical features, but by a deeper understanding of her as a human being, as a loving character, as a responsible person equal to men and capable of making advances in all fields, independent of the feminine norms laid down mostly by men in the society.

                We feel that the concept of beauty has been made more complex. The myth of beauty applies in the case of both men and women, in varying degree, women being more sensitive and self-conscious feel the effect of this ‘myth’ more than men.   But most men also seem to suffer from their own views about beauty which could also be “myth”.

                This myth is as strong in beauty industry as it was centuries back. The anti-aging creams, for example, continue to make same absurd claims like their “new youth” creams “erased” signs of age, “restructured” skin on a “cellular” level or “renewed” tissue “from within”. Now some companies are claiming “hydrogen filled” face mask, some are marketing “platinum” mask, others are claiming to introduce “friendly bacteria” on dermis or advising digestible pills which they claim work “from within”. All of these are unverifiable claims which are not physically possible because most chemical ingredients do not penetrate dermis.

 The book says the myth of beauty, the unconscious hallucination grows ever more influential and pervasive because of what is now conscious market manipulation: powerful industries – the $ 33 billion a year diet industry, the $ 20 billion cosmetics industry, the $ 300 million cosmetic surgery industry, and the $ 7 billion pornography industry – have arisen from the capital made out of unconscious anxieties, and are, in turn able, through their influence on mass culture, to use, stimulate, and reinforce the hallucination in a rising economic spiral.”

In the din of all such marketing noise, Herbally Radiant continues to advise its customers to follow the time tested efficacy of certain natural organic ingredients that provide  most effective nutrients to skin that help accelerate epidermal regeneration and build a bright, flawless skin. These improve visible signs of aging by constant skin hydration and elasticity while reducing the appearance of over-pigmentation and skin inflammation.

Monday, March 6, 2017


Recent reports suggest that scientists are mixing the good bacteria into lotions in the hope of spreading protection of skin.

Dr. Richard Gallo, dermatology chairman at the University of California, who is leading the testing, explained that we share our bodies with trillions of microbes that live on our skin, in our noses, in the gut.  This body of microbes plays critical role in whether we stay healthy or become more vulnerable to various diseases. His research sheds new light on the skin's microbiome - suggesting that one day it may be possible to restore the right balance of good bugs to treat skin disorders too.
Healthy skin harbors a different mix of bacteria than the skin damaged by disorders such as atomic dermatitis, the most common form of eczema. those patches of dry, red, itchy skin are increased risk of infections.

As a regular skin care regimen, Herbally radiant has been advising that the natural skin has a tremendous self-rejuvenation if properly cared for. A mature skin develops certain particular characteristics. the skin cells are dry, having lost the ability to retain moisture. This is apparent on the outer layer of the skin, which develops fine lines.  the cells of the outer layer are dry and shrivelled, giving the skin a rough texture. The problem of moisture loss is aggravated by a decrease in oil-gland activity.

The new cosmetology techniques offer corrective techniques in the form of external care. However, what is more important and useful is to take corrective measures which seek to restore suppleness to the skin and make it smooth, resilient and moist with an even color tone. This can be done with those natural ingredients which provide rich nutrients to skin, thus accelerating epidermal regeneration and building more evenly toned skin.

By including aloe juice, jojoba oil, lavender extracts, palm oil and rosechip oil and white tea with vitamin E and vitamin C ester, in combination with fine blend of mature essential Oils, the anti-aging lotions and serums (RADIANT) and (REJUVENATING) launched by Herbally Radiant several years ago have become favorite.  These organic elements help skin retain the good bacteria which scientists are now trying, in various tests, to re-introduce into the skin.

The harsh chemical ingredients in most of the beauty formulations wash away or destroy the delicate microbes on skin that keep it in healthy and naturally glowing.  The natural organic skin care formulations are, therefore, better answer to protect and revitalize skin.

Thursday, March 2, 2017


The laterst trend in the beauty industry indicates that there is growing recognition of the fact that beauty and fitness are deeply interconnected.  This was made amply clear by the Mintel expert recently when he linked overall well-being to beauty and fitness. He added that the focus of current lifestyles of consumers now is on physical, mental and emotional balance, ensuring that the wellness is generated from within.

The importance of physical work out has been highlighted by Herbally Radiant while dealing with the issues of beauty care. It has, therefore, been promoting healthy food and regular workout for everyone. This is as important for maintaining good looks and overall impressive appearance as applying skin-friendly natural skin care products in lieu of products made from harsh chemical ingredients.

Although we get most of our nutrition orally, the skin ingests nutrients as well.  In fact, unlike the food we chew and swallow, which is broken down in the stomach before it is metabolized, creams and lotions applied to the skin bypass the digestive process, and go full strength directly into the bloodstream. Like all ingested substances, they become raw material for building new body tissue – or they become potent toxic waste.  Herbally Radiant therefore always advises its customers: Think of your beauty products not as cosmetics, but as food. If you cannot eat it, do not impose it on your skin.

Thus, beauty and brain in a healthy body go together. Therefore, healthy balanced diet, regular work out and going in for the skin-friendly beauty products should be an integrated approach in any beauty care regime.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


More and more consumers are becoming aware of the adverse effect of external pollutants on skin. Mort than 33% consumers understand that airborne toxins speed up the signs of aging and that protection from environmental pollution has as much damaging or harmful effect on skin as sun exposure.

the consumers can exercise safer choice by using the products that have natural ingredients. Herbally Radiant has already launched body lotion and creams that provide good protection to skin from external pollutants. 

The Herbally Radiant formulations combine the Essential Oils with complementary organic ingredients that are excellent protection from pollution and also create anti-aging effect on skin. 

According to the present rend, the effect of pollution on skin will be felt in increasing manner in the years to come, and the consumers need to take precaution to avoid its ill effect on skin and on health in general.