Tuesday, March 24, 2015


A new article by Jason Milman on rising marketing campaigns by drug makers has similarity with the marketing campaigns of cosmetic industry. The drug-makers in 2014 spent a whopping $ 4.5 billion on marketing campaigns, up from $ 3.5 billion in 2012.
          The ad campaigns focused more on drugs like Humira, Lyrica, Eliquis and other common problems, but the marketing trick is to promise more than what could be debatable. Drug marketers make their pitches directly to patients in order to make their marketing campaign more persuasive.
Like drug makers, the cosmetic industry also keeps consumers “impressed” with ever new claims with more imaginative ad campaigns. US consumers spent nearly $ 33 billion on beauty products in 2010, up by 6% from 2009.  The beauty industry market surveys reveal that girls between 8-12 yrs tend to spend more than $ 40 per month while those in 13-17 age group spend up to $ 100 every month.  Companies are, therefore, keen to have them as life-long customers.
However, cosmetic industry which is not so strictly regulated as drug industry, tries to project unrealistic results from their products. Last year, top brand L’Oreal was charged by US regulators for deception marketing when it claimed its anti-aging cream could make “visibly younger skin in 7 days”. It was described as “false” and “unsubstantiated”.
The common marketing phrases used are “clinically proven”, “boosts genes”, “new era of skin care : gene science”.  Obviously, these descriptions have more to do with the sales rather than the efficacy of the products. One also comes across phrases like “new studies” from unverifiable source purporting to support the marketing emphasis. 
In fact, many chemical ingredients in the so-called new formulations have toxic effects on sensitive skin, or other side effects. At Herbally Radiant we are therefore advising consumers to exercise right choice in the face of innovative new marketing campaigns.

Monday, March 23, 2015


Besides supporting other community activities, Herbally Radiant,  was the Gold Sponsor for the first Hero Hustle 5K Run which was organized by the Community Tissue Services and Life Connection of Ohio.
This was the first campaign organized at Fallentimber, Maumee, Ohio, to raise finds, and spread community awareness, for more people coming forward to pledge to donate body organs or tissues for those victims in critical conditions whose lives could be saved.
The campaign was huge success, much beyond the expectation of Community Tissue Services and Life Connection of Ohio.  Besides more than 546 officially registrants, hundreds others with families braved morning subzero breeze to run for supporting the humanitarian cause.
At a special meeting , Community Tissue Services and Connection of Ohio made special presentation of plaque to Herbally Radiant, as Gold Sponsor of the event, while acknowledging  its valuable support to their cause. TV Channel ABC news was also honored with special plaque for media support to the event.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


French and Chilean cosmetics companies have recently agreed to expand use of seaweed extracts. With 6000 km long coast, Chile is best placed in sourcing seaweed ingredients. These can be harnessed without adverse impact on environment as only natural sea water sustains their growth.
Seaweed is a powerful ingredient as it draws an extraordinary wealth of mineral elements from the sea that can account for up to 36% of its dry mass. These include sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, chlorine, sulfur and phosphorus; the micronutrients include iodine, iron, zinc, copper, selenium, molybdenum, fluoride, manganese, boron, nickel and cobalt.
Recently, seaweed has emerged as a potent antioxidant. Researchers at the University of Ohio found that brown algae applied topically and orally reduced the number of skin tumors on hairless mice by up to 60 percent and their size by up to 43 percent. It also reduced inflammation. Rich in vitamin C, it also has alginic acid, which is insoluble in water and is used in treatments for cellulite.
Cosmetic companies have discovered that seaweed  is rich in compounds that are of specific use in the cosmetic industry, such as polygalactosides, fucose polymers and ursolic acid. Polygalactosides react with the protective outer surface of the skin to form a protective moisturizing complex, while the fucose polymers are hygroscopic and act as hydrating agents. The ursolic acid can help form a protective barrier on the skin.
New algae are being discovered all the time. Hailed as the next wonder anti-aging ingredient, sea algae ‘phytessence wakame’ , exotic kelp native to the sea of Japan,  is said to have immune-stimulating, cancer preventing, anti-inflammatory, and anti-allergic properties. Himanthalia elongata extract comes from a species of brown seaweed which has small button-like, perennial thalli and known to provide high levels of vitamins A, C and E along with essential amino acids and other natural minerals, and is used in many skin care products thanks to its natural ability to help restore balance to skin’s moisture levels.
Herbally Radiant has been using algae in some of its top formulations. Its green algae comes from the Klamath Falls in Oregon and is the purest, most nutrient intact algae. It is highly bio-available and contains a full spectrum of minerals, chlorophyll, B Vitamins, Beta-Carotene, Pro Vitamin A, Lipids, enzymes, essential amino acids, nucleic acids, DHA and EPA fatty acids.  Its new ‘Body Polish’ made of blue green algae with almond oil and body butters, is a wonderful formula to exfoliate and nourish skin.

Saturday, March 14, 2015


Of late we are receiving customers who are keen to apply essential oil themselves after reading the benefits in a DIY manual or the marketing claims of vendor companies of essential oils. Most essential oils are safe and free of adverse side effects when used properly. We would like to bring following guidelines before one proceeds further.
First, please make sure that the essential oil bought by you is not adulterated, or adulterated in right proportion, or is not counterfeit. (There are increasing number of cases of unduly adulterated essential oils or fake oils. Most of these are sourced from foreign or online suppliers.) (At Herbally Radiant, we use only USDA certified essential oils and ingredients.)
Second, never apply any essential oil directly on skin. Essential oils are strong and can cause allergy, irritation or other problems if applied directly, or if used in wrong proportion with other ingredients.
Third, right amount of dose is the most important factor in essential oil safety. Some essential oils used in the wrong doses or too high a concentration have been found (in animal and laboratory studies) to contribute to tumor development and other harmful changes in the body. Some essential oils can even be damaging to the skin, liver and other organs if used improperly.
Fourth, purity is equally important. Sometimes essential oils are altered by adding synthetic chemicals or other, similar smelling, essential oils or they are sometimes diluted with vegetable oil. Look for language indicating purity on the label. It is not necessarily bad if the label indicates, for example, that the bottle contains 20% essential oil and 80% vegetable oil. This is sometimes done so that popular but expensive oils like rose or neroli (that can cost over $100 per teaspoon when pure) can be made more affordable. If you are starting with more concentrated professional quality essential oils, you need to dilute them to be safe.
Fifth, please read the recommended application method, its concentration and intended use.
Sixth, application of some essential oils is not advised during pregnancy and in some allergy cases.
Seventh, to understand potential toxicity and lethal dosages of essential oils, please refer to useful book : ‘Essential Oil Safety’ by Tisserand and Balacs, 1955.
Eighth, please do a patch test first after you have done the right mixing of essential oils.

Friday, March 13, 2015


            As in previous years, prominent women representatives of Northwest Ohio, gathered together to mark their third annual International Women’s Day event on March 7. Herbally Radiant (Saxon Square, 6600 Sylvania Ave, Sylvania, Ohio 43560), hosted this annual meeting.
            The special feature for this year’s event was the formalization of a women’s group called “Northwest Ohio Women’s Alliance”, or NOWA, to be headed for the present by a Convener, Dr. Maneesha Pandey, who has been coordinating women’s activities with several Ohio-based social, cultural, educational, sports and non-profit organizations, for the past 5 years.
As there is no other women’s organization in this region engaged in activities relating to International Women’s Day, NOWA has decided to organize more meaningful activities for women, where necessary in cooperation with other similar organizations in order to give further boost to its programs. Details will be announced as soon as these are finalized.
Women delegates present at NOWA decided to expand their activities so as to play increasingly important role for empowerment of women, in line with the ideals and objectives of the International Women’s Day.
It was resolved by the women delegates that from now on NOWA will actively strive to work and cooperate with governmental, non-governmental, regional and global organizations in furtherance of its objectives in future. 

Toledo Blade and Sylvania Advantage newspapers carried the coverage of the meeting.


Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Essential oils are crucial in any natural cosmetics or skin care product. They create the desired effect on skin and have to be meticulously chosen in right ratio with other ingredients for safe and best results. Essential oils also provide amazingly effective fragrance, creating aromatherapy effect.
With increasing popularity of natural ingredients in beauty care products, the demand for natural fragrances is also rising.  Consumers, seeking healthier lifestyles and alternatives, are now demanding natural fragrances which trigger down to their beauty regime.  Consequently, manufacturers are looking for natural based or naturally derived fragrances, avoiding chemicals or synthetic based ingredients which have a perceived heightened risk of allergies and toxins.
However, there is a catch: it all depends on how essential oils are derived. Many use absolutes which are rich, beautiful, expensive and can add depth to a fragrance, but if extracted using hexane or petroleum ether, these are not recognized as being natural.
Since essential oils are expensive, many manufacturers may use tiny amount of these oils, and the brand can claim that its product is made “with natural ingredients”. Similarly, exporters from outside (especially online suppliers) also tend to dilute the oil in order to increase the volume.  In many shipments of foreign suppliers, even counterfeit essential oils have been detected. (Cases have been reported by Herbally Radiant earlier.)
With more than 40-year experience in natural organic beauty formulations, Herbally Radiant team has been warning against diluted or mixed essential oils in organic cosmetics. On its part, Herbally Radiant has been using only USDA certified natural ingredients, including the essential oils, so as to provide the most effective and safe beauty products. Its anti-aging formulations: Rejuvenating, and Radiant, are, therefore, more popular because of their rich organic ingredients combined with pure fine blend of essential oils.