Thursday, April 30, 2015


Duplicating brand designs, perfumes, beauty products, perfumes and others is a major headache for companies which lose sales and government  loses tax.  Resulting costs to businesses of counterfeit and pirated products add up to as much as US4 650 billion a year.
Experts team under Sir Fraser Stoddart has now developed next generation fluorescent inks that will present a formidable challenge to counterfeiters. Images printed from these new inks display colors that depend on a type of built-in “molecular encryption” and become visible only when viewed under ultraviolet light. Each user can select individual ink recipes, so even the inventors will not be able to mimic the protected fluorescent tag.
Not only that, the fluorescent ink is also sensitive to the surface on which it’s applied. For example, an ink blend that appears orange on standard copy paper appears as green on newspaper. This phenomenon means that this new type of fluorescent ink can be used to identify different papers.
Skin care companies can set their parameters, thus generating thousands of color combinations via different settings. The individual secret ink recipe can be printed out via ordinary ink jet printer onto a label or other tag. It’s impossible to reverse engineer the process without comprehensive knowledge of the encryption settings. C
So here’s how it works : a luxury brand manufacturer would pick a secret setting for its proprietary ink and print out a tag for each product, using the ink invisible under normal light. Then each end consumer that buys the product can view the printed tag under UV light to make sure it matches up with the color they’re expecting. Counterfeiters will be out of luck since essentially this process can’t be mimicked.
The global counterfeit trade is flourishing, causing huge losses to brand companies. At Herbally Radiant we are witnessing unethical marketing claims by counterfeiting players which misleads consumers. In the case of skin care products, more and more online suppliers are indulging in such practices.

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