Friday, April 10, 2015


Beauty expert Sarah Stacey, who also authored “Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible” highlights the results of a study that organic vegetables, fruit and cereals – and the food made from them are between 19 and 69 per cent higher in key antioxidants that are linked to health benefits.
In support of organic cosmetics, she explains that while for some it makes sense to put environment–and animal-friendly, ethical and sustainably sourced products on body, for others the compelling factor is skin break-out or irritation. As is widely known, chemical or synthetic ingredients in skincare formulations, combined with external pollution cause and aggravate many skin disorders. The toxic effect of some harsh ingredients also take away the natural glow of the skin gradually.
Citing the experience of Sarah Brown, she mentions how doctors and dermatologists prescribed a daily high dose of antihistamines for her chronic urticarial (a serious skin allergy), and disregarding that how she herself investigated the cosmetics she was using, and the effect of their ingredients on her skin, and she found to her shock that prolonged application of synthetic ingredients commonly used in cosmetics could cause skin disorders either immediately or through prolonged use.
There have been a number of cases where women suffering from various kinds of skin problems like eczema, acne, black spots, premature aging, etc., began to test the effect of plant-based ingredients on their skin, and after realizing their immense benefits to their skin, began to make their own natural beauty formulations which led to many award-winning products.
Consumers in Europe have embraced organic beauty products commendably. There is need to raise similar awareness everywhere. In US, Herbally Radiant has been making and retailing natural skin care products manufactured with certified organic ingredients. Especially in the case of acne-prone skin, its Clean range formulations :Cleanser, Toner andSerum, have been widely acknowledged to be the most effective and skin-friendly by all consumers.  

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