Thursday, April 23, 2015


Among the premature aging signs, the area under the eye begins showing signs of dullness. Dry skin around eyes is known to cause noticeable wrinkles and lines, making it difficult for women with this condition to apply makeup.
Dry flaking skin under the eyes can be attributed to the lack of moisture and hydration of the skin. This can be due to frequent washing or bathing, dietary or drinking reasons, or even environmental factors. Dryness in winter does aggravate this condition. It is also often attributed to adjustments and changes in humidity levels, and extreme sun exposure. When humidity levels are low, moisture contained within eye skin easily evaporates, resulting in under-eye skin that is not only dry but flaky.
Direct sun exposure removes moisture from the eyes. Indoor heating and air conditioning can have similar adverse effect.
Since the area around eyes is most delicate part of facial skin, it is very important to avoid applying any lotion or formulation with harsh chemical ingredients. Select affordable, thick under-eye cream containing natural ingredients which are good moisturizing agents. Good dry skin remedies include vitamin E and fish oils which replenish body’s natural oils.
By limiting showers, using mild soaps, and avoiding excessive scrubbing of sensitive areas, you can protect your skin. Also avoid rubbing motions after washing the face, which can cause immediate irritation and over-drying of the eyes. After each shower, apply good moisturizer to the body and special cream made for the under-eye area.
Drinking plenty of water can greatly assist in the prevention of dehydration. When the body is dehydrated, the entire body suffers from lack of moisture, especially the skin under the eye.
One should eat foods that are rich in antioxidants as these will help get rid of free radicals and toxins that dehydrate the skin around the eyes and enhance appearance of dark circles. We have also seen that lack of adequate sleep also results in formation of dark areas under the eye. Similarly, too much coffee or such beverages also affect this sensitive area.
Using a humidifier within your home, especially in dry winter season, is one of the best ways to prevent dry itchy skin. When outside the home, away from the moisture provided by the humidifier, apply a sunscreen with a protection level of 30 or above.
If you don’t have the time or budget to search for best eye cream, see if there might be a few ingredients already in your pantry. Cut up slices of cucumber or potatoes these are known to help soothe not just dryness, but also puffiness around the eyes. Natural oils like almond, grape seed and olive oil can be used as a substitute for the eye creams that you may not be able to procure. Gently massage a small amount of the oil around the eyes and wait until it gets absorbed into the skin. You will immediately notice that the skin around your eyes will feel more hydrated and nourished!
Some dermatologists say that signs of tiredness around the eye areas are often due to sluggish microcirculation, and with tiredness or aging, blood and lymph microcirculation around the eyes may slow down. The very thin skin around the eye contour readily reveals the marks of poor vascularization or inadequate lymph drainage. This is what provokes the appearance of signs of shadows or puffiness.

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