Thursday, October 30, 2014


Those caring to protect their skin and good appearance, must know the causes leading to damage to the skin by free radicals, especially during winter. Getting rid of free radicals regularly should form part of essential beauty care routine.

A free radical is any atom or molecule that is missing an electron in its outer shell. This tends to attack and destroy other healthy atoms to get the electron it needs. Thus the free radicals tend to accumulate in strength and become responsible for the oxidative damage to skin.  

It is important to remove these free radicals for these can lead to biological organism to age, and are thus harmful to the skin. These initiate the deterioration of the skin’s structural support and decrease its elasticity, resilience, and suppleness – all these factors lead to premature aging of skin, including lines and wrinkles. The process involves turning the oils of our skin rancid with adverse impact on the collagen. Collagens are important for the protection of skin as they serve the building blocks of skin. 

Among other factors, smoking and external pollution are major causes affecting skin cells. Anything that contains oxygen - carbon monoxide, hydrogen peroxide - can cause free-radical damage.  Often the causes of adverse free-radical damage in the natural world are exhaust fumes, too much sunlight, and other sources that contain oxygen. 

Therefore, getting rid of free radicals regularly must form part of essential beauty care routine. This can be done by applying to the skin formulations with ingredients which are rich in antioxidants. These will neutralize the skin damage by nourishing it with right kind of nutrients. The antioxidants repair damage to skin when it has been overexposed to sun, has developed aging signs, dryness or is damaged due to pollutants. 

Antioxidants help prevent free-radical damage by preventing these free-radical molecules from interacting with other molecules, therefore stunting the chain reaction of the process.  These antioxidants include vitamins A, C and E, flavonoids, superoxide dismutase, beta carotene, selenium, glutathione and zinc. Lack of antioxidants are directly related to the formation of wrinkles and lines. Most lotions and moisturizers nowadays claim an antioxidant formula specifically targeted to free-radical damage.  Unfortunately, it is hard to prove if these compounds can actually show dramatic results since it isn't practical to expect results overnight.

 It is important for the consumers to read the ingredients on the labels before applying such products on skin. At Herbally Radiant we have tested the efficacy and reliability of different herbal ingredients for their antioxidant contents.  We are happy that our special formulations, which have been prepared with rich antioxidants, have proved very effective in slowing and preventing the oxidation of other molecules.  The combined effect of especially chosen essential oils with these ingredients slows down further damage to cells preventing oxidative damage which leads to aging signs. In addition to antioxidant-rich ingredients, the age-defying products of  Herbally Radiant products also contain vitamin C and vitamin E. These complement the effect of antioxidants and help in regeneration of new cells. 

Regular use of organic antioxidants-rich formulations thus prevents oxidation by neutralizing the free radicals in the first stage, and then preventing their recurrence. For added effect, HERBALLY RADIANT has also packed these products with selected minerals.  The net effect is that these formulations are capable of protecting and promoting scars and promoting the rejuvenating process.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


With the onset of winter, skin dryness is common problem to be experienced by all.  When skin becomes dehydrated, it loses its elasticity, and becomes cracked, scaly and sometimes itchy.  Skin, therefore, needs extra care for protection against dryness. As essential beauty care regime, one should apply good herbal lotion that has safe and effective moisturizing elements. A good lotion for body and moisturizer for face should be fortified with essential oils to fight free radicals.  It should help nourishing, revitalizing and soothing skin, rendering it soft, smooth and naturally healthy. 

Some useful remedies to fight dry skin are :
1.The commonest problem people face with dry type skin stems from harsh soap or cleansing agents, especially deodorant soaps, and antibacterial soaps. Most of the soaps have sulfate and lye which can aggravate the problem of dry skin. Especially for washing face, use good cleansers which have adequate fatty substances or oils, like cocoa butter, as key ingredient.

 2. Keep your skin adequately moisturized. A wide variety of lotions and creams are available, but we have seen better effects with the use of natural substances.  The pharma-based formulations are more like fine petroleum jellies which tend to rest as a layer over the skin, whereas the natural ingredients in a good moisturizer or lotion are able to penetrate the pores and get absorbed . Dry skin becomes more acute when there is not enough water in the skin and the moisture is allowed to escape.  The natural ingredients in beauty care products help skin retain its natural shape, at the same time, providing rich nourishment to the skin and keep it healthy even during winter. 

3. If you are more confined to indoor areas most of the time, due to cold outside, you must see that the heating inside the house does not create dryness. Central heating often compounds the problem when it causes humidity levels to drop in your living space. Therefore, do not overheat your home, and try to use a humidifier to maintain the balance of humidity. 
4. It has been seen that hot water bath has drying effect on the skin.  Hot water also washes away the natural oils that protect skin. It is, therefore, recommended that warm water should be used for bath and wash, which should, of course, be followed by adequate moisturization. 

 5. Extreme cold and dry wintry air causes dryness of facial skin as well as hands. One can see the visible effects when exposed to long cold exposure. Before venturing out, therefore, apply good lotion or cream against the drying effects.
In our powerful moisturizing creams, we have been using especially nourishing blend of organic herbs and oils for winter use, or for keeping dry skin adequately moisturized at all times. These formulations are very effective in erasing the effects of parched skin, and in further revitalizing, rejuvenating and replenishing skin.  Infused with selected essential oils, these are excellent formulations to promote moisture balance that dramatically rehydrates skin. 

Those wishing to apply powerful herbal anti-aging formulations, winter turns out to be  extra taxing time, especially for combination and dry skin type. One should, therefore, use such nourishing creams and lotions generously to provide good protection to the skin day and night.

Monday, October 27, 2014


I had a better idea this morning of how a common problem faced by the growing number of girls and women relates to the surfacing of acne disorder. Today, while turning from Sylvania Ave to McCord, a road-roller driver requested me to stop the car on the curb – he had read the Herbally Radiant’s sticker of ACNE treatment, on the side of the car. Before I could express any apprehension for such an unusual sign by a road construction worker, he politely requested me to let him have my business card that he could give to his wife, who, he explained briefly, was fed up with her constant acne problem which had defied commonly advertised medications.  
We have seen that most of the glamorously advertised products purportedly to be the ideal solution to treat acne, do not work well enough to satisfy the customers. Many of the sufferers, therefore, have to go to great lengths to banish every blemish, only to see them return from time to time, leaving the skin in worse condition. The usual Acne treatment, mostly prescribed by dermatologists, depends on whether you have a mild, moderate, or severe type of acne. Treatment could include lotions or gels you put on blemishes, or sometimes entire areas of skin, such as the chest or back (topical medicines).
It is important to understand the root causes. These are excessive use of chemical mixed products, or environmental pollution or lack of balanced diet or hormonal activity. Once the symptoms of acne begin to appear, one should AVOID :
i)             Use of harsh or irritating skin-care products.
ii)            Washing face with bar soaps or bar cleansers of any kind. (Soap is drying, and the ingredients that hold soaps in bar form clog pores.)
iii)           Picking at blemishes.
iv)           Use of extreme heat or cold to clean your face, or treat a blemish – these could cause inflammation, making acne condition worse.
One should use treating acne disorder at the earliest as deeper blemishes, such as nodules and cysts, are more likely to leave scars later. One also need not go in for any antibiotic lotion as a first line of treatment, nor taking oral antibiotics is a good solution to start with. Many consumers are known to have agreed for laser resurfacing and dermabrasion to remove acne scars, creating more visible scars.
Acne problem begins generally when sebaceous (oil) glands attached to the hair follicles are stimulated. Associated with increased oil production is a change in the manner in which the skin cells mature, predisposing them to clog the follicular pore. The clog can appear as “whitehead” or “blackhead”. With long experience in dealing with such skin disorders, Herbally Radiant has launched specially tested CLEAN range of products with powerful herbal ingredients. These are being used by regular customers who have found them amazingly effective in eliminating acne, pimples and other spots, thereby restoring the natural shine and smoothness of skin.
Besides, excellent natural ingredients like Lavendula angustifolia, roman chamomile, cranberry extract, the CLEAN range products contain well proportioned dose of tree tea essential oil. Combined with other complementary herbs, CLEAN Cleanser, Toner and Serum have been found most effective in controlling and eliminating acne problem.
A word of advice, therefore, to all those who face acne problem: take advantage of the natural herbal formulations to protect skin and restore it to bright and smooth condition.

Saturday, October 25, 2014


New York Times carries an interesting piece on the effects of positive psychology by Ellen Langer.  Langer has carried out several experiments on aging people and has written many books propounding that biological changes can be manipulated with appropriate counselling. Jeffrey Rediger, a psychiatrist at Harvard’s McLean Hospital, commented on Langer’s conclusion: “ … health and illness are much more rooted in our minds and in our hearts and how we experience ourselves in the world than our models even begin to understand.”

In this context, the anti-aging skin formulations being propagated by cosmetics manufacturers is quite relevant. 

We have been advising our customers of herbal natural anti-aging formulations that the “aging” factor should not weigh so much on their mind that could lower their self-esteem. The aging signs should not be viewed with any negativity. It is the sense of having healthy bright skin that should outweigh the negative marketing campaigns of many top beauty brands for their unverifiable anti-aging products. Added to this is the almost round the clock appearance of glamorous models all over the TV commercials which tend to create rather unhealthy thought process with regard to physical aging. It is needless to highlight the fact that cosmetic players can convert all these manipulated thoughts into higher sales growth!

While advocating application of herbal natural anti-aging products, we have been trying to induce positive feelings among our customers about the benefits to their skin by the use of especially selected organic ingredients, combined with right kind of essential oils. Unlike the harsh chemical agents in many successfully marketed products, the natural ingredients have proven their efficacy and safety over centuries.  Happily, we have noted that this line of raising awareness among our customers has created many positive signals.  The customers using our anti-aging formulations develop a better feel-good-factor, and their continuing to use our products reflects their mature thinking about the whole aging business. Their self-esteem goes high when they remain unaffected from the manipulative commercials.

We might also draw attention to the immense benefits that are derived by the aromatic effect which the essential oils in our anti-aging products produce.  These are included in our products to create the right kind of fragrance appealing to mind, thereby affecting the body - these essential oils have many curative properties, and are essential for any effective formulation. 

Thus, while the effect of the promotional campaign on TV and media of the commonly marketed pharma-based anti-aging products, aimed at manipulating the purchasing habit of potential customers, does not last long (and therefore these have to keep repeating frequently),  the right awareness itself of the harmful risks to the skin due to harsh chemicals and the immense benefits of natural products to the overall health, and to the skin in particular, can last longer and encourage the thoughts and feelings about the aging process to more enlightened and healthy level.  

As a matter of fact, everybody needs to understand the interplay of mental and physical activity. Manipulating thoughts can indeed lead to desired types of physical activities. Ellen Langer’s theory is effective in many aspects, including in the beauty care campaigns. As she observed: “If people could learn to be mindful and always perceive the choices available to them, they would fulfill their potential and improve their health.”