Friday, June 30, 2017


At Herbally Radiant we were not surprised to learn about the outcome of the recent study that confirms that the consumer complaints of harmful cosmetic products increased by hundred per cent over one year alone. More and more products, especially being supplied by online enterprises do not conform to the safety standards and contain several chemical ingredients that damage the skin or cause have harmful effects.

Herbally Radiant has learnt that many consumers do not bother to register their complaints. The percentage of dissatisfied customers would therefore be substantially much higher.  Many cosmetic products entice consumers with active ingredients that will plump, lengthen and boost.

MNT report recently referred to the new study of Northwestern Medicine study which reveals very unsatisfactory situation. The study reports consumer complaints more than doubled for cosmetic products from 2015 to 2016, with hair care products being the biggest offender. But consumers remain at risk because the industry receives little regulatory scrutiny and does not require pre-approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

"The FDA has much less authority to recall cosmetics from the market in stark contrast to drugs or medical devices," said corresponding author Dr. Steve Xu, a resident physician in dermatology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. "It's harder for the FDA to get harmful cosmetics off the shelves."

Since cosmetic manufacturers are not required to submit adverse health events to the FDA, the current data sources to track product safety are significantly limited. Even though there were more than 5,000 events reported to the FDA from 2004 to 2016, it's likely only the tip of the iceberg, Xu said. He suspects many events are not reported by consumers or doctors.

Herbally Radiant has been advising its customers to satisfy themselves of the quality of the products and read the ingredients. Where the product is marketed with 'too-good-to-be-true' claims, better avoid it.

Saturday, June 24, 2017


Herbally Radiant has been monitoring the studies being conducted on the effects of coconut oil. Unfortunately, there has not been any peer-reviewed authoritative research on it.  There are reports from time to time explaining health benefits from the use of coconut oil, or potentially harmful effects.

Having lived in coastal areas for more than 9 years (Dar es Salaam, Manila and India) where coconut is made good use of by everyone, we found using coconut oil had been the norm for times immemorial. People in these regions did not suffer from high cholesterol from its use. And, they did not need any 'research' or 'study' to tell them the good or bad effects of coconut which grows abundantly in those climates.

From the dietician's point of view, coconut oil contains high natural saturated fats. These fats increase healthy (HDL) cholesterol and convert bad (LDL) cholesterol into good ones.  As we saw from our experience in warm coastal countries, coconut oil helps the body absorb fat-soluble vitamins, calcium, and magnesium.  It improves gut bacteria and digestive health, besides also helping to restore oxidative tissue damage.

Being in the manufacturing of natural beauty formulations, Herbally Radiant has found coconut to be one of the most effective and skin-friendly moisturizing agents. Apart from skin, coconut oil provides the best nutrients for the hair and prevents hair damage.  Herbally Radiant products, therefore, carry coconut oil in many of its 76 natural products that have found favor with its loyal customers.   

Thursday, June 22, 2017


The reports quoting Jorgan Gade Hyldgaard of Hygade, Denmark, that natural ingredients in cosmetics can be "re-ingineered" so that traditional cosmetic products can be turned into natural products, was perhaps more a part of marketing argument.  He was speaking to a beauty magazine prior to the event bring organized by the Cosmetic Consultants of Europe  in Spain.

the fact remains that increasing number of consumers are going in for non-chemical beauty formulations, the market for which is expanding rapidly. In his interview, Jorgan Gade Hyldgaard said that many cosmetic companies are now trying to use new technology for cosmetics ingredients. The technology which his company is going to use is called Solubility Parameter Technology.  He did not clarify the new technology. In fact, we at Herbally Radiant feel that the natural ingredients should be allowed to grow in the best natural habitat and that use of chemicals in their growth should be avoided.

The current plants and flowers that are the source of natural ingredients have proved quite powerful in beauty formulations. The Essential Oils derived from flowers undergo a very delicate process and create amazing effect on skin. Herbally Radiant would therefore suggest that this natural process of the growth of natural organic ingredients should not be interfered with.  Any attempt to introduce new technology on GMO pattern could lead to avoidable risks to skin health.

Monday, June 19, 2017


At Herbally Radiant we have been highlighting the importance of good health which complements good appearance and beauty. Exercising good choice in diet is more crucial because of additives in the processed food, many of which carry potential risks. Emma Deangela’s recent article on unhealthy ingredients in processed meat is very informative.
Deli meat is one such product that is quick and easy to grab for meals, snacks or party trays. It is a naturally low-fat product that many consider a great addition to a “healthy” lifestyle. Unfortunately, typical deli meat contains some ingredients that can be damaging to one’s health, especially if consumed on a regular basis.
The questionable ingredients are:
Carrageenan: used in reduced-fat foods as a fat replacement and to provide a specific “mouth-feel”
Citric acid: used as a preservative and/or a pH control agent
Corn syrup: sweetener derived from corn starch (most likely from GMO corn)
Caramel color: used to color meats—note that this is not considered an “artificial color” so it may still appear on a product that claims to have “no artificial colors” on the package
Gelatin: a form of animal-derived collagen (typically from bovines)
Modified food starch: a starch that is used as a thickener once it has been chemically modified; the source of the starch is not required to be listed
Monosodium Glutamate (MSG): used as a flavor enhancer
Phosphates: used as a preservative; considered a “free” phosphate meaning it is readily absorbed in the body, as opposed to naturally occurring phosphates which have only 40-60% bioavailability; a study shows that consuming these phosphates could be fatal to those with kidney disease
Propyl gallate: an antioxidant used to prevent rancidity in rendered fats or pork sausage
Sodium nitrate: a preservative salt and color enhancer often added to jerky, bacon and lunchmeat
Sodium nitrite: a preservative salt and color enhancer similar to sodium nitrate but is also an antioxidant; typically used to cure ham and bacon
Sugar/sucrose: sweetener
Dried whey: used as a binder or extender in meat products like sausage and stews
The danger lies in the fact that it may be easy to think that they are beneficial, but many of these ingredients either have not been studied intensely for their long-term effects on the human body or they have been studied and have been found to be harmful.
The safer alternative is to go in for naturally grown food, or meat that is processed as little as possible and has no added salt and nitrates. Be sure to read the ingredient lists, recognize them and look them up before purchasing.
In brief, there should be no ‘fillers’, no artificial colors, no added flavors, no trans fat and gluten.
Healthy food should then be followed by applying natural skin care formulations. There are regular findings how chemical ingredients cause harmful effects on skin, and cause premature aging. Herbally Radiant has therefore continued making natural organic beauty products from the USDA certified organic ingredients for safety and efficacy.

Thursday, June 15, 2017


They hope that the new drug might prevent skin cancer and even slow the appearance of aging.
The drug is rubbed into the skin to skip the damage and kick-start the process of making melanin and will create tanning appearance.

It is a markedly different approach to fake tan, which "paints" the skin without the protection from melanin, sun beds, which expose the skin to UV light or pills that claim to boost melanin production but still need UV light.

Stopping UV damage could have an extra boon beyond cancer - slowing the appearance of aging.
Dr Fisher's final piece of promise for the research is: "Many people would say the obvious and most dramatic sign of aging is what skin looks like and even casual UV damage over the years causes damage. He adds, "medically it is very difficult to focus on, but if it is tremendously safe then it could keep skin healthier for longer."

Of course, a lot more research has to be done before this sort of technology can be used on humans. However, it should be noted that the drug is meant for external application on the skin to make it look tanned, healthier and prevent aging signs. The R&D team of Herbally Radiant has reservations whether the color and shape of skin can be changed without any side effect by the new drug. External application of the drug might necessitate frequent rubbing it on the skin without altering the molecules of the epidermis.  In that sense, it would be like botox treatment of the skin which needs to be repeated often and is known to have caused irreparable damage to the skin.

What organic natural ingredients that Herbally Radiant uses in its anti-aging formulations are designed to help the skin from within which is the safest and time-tested procedure. These natural formulations are inexpensive and skin-friendly and are known to have created an amazing effect as the anti-aging procedure.  In particular, the Radiant and Rejuvenating range of anti-aging products launched by Herbally Radiant nearly seven years ago have established themselves as the best brand for anti-aging skin care regime.


Saturday, June 10, 2017


Herbally Radiant has been monitoring constantly new developments in skin care field, and came across an interesting piece in The Health News column by Emma Deangela, the author of The Alkaline Diet Program & 80/20 Fat Loss, many of us may actually be using "dirty" electricity at home that could damage health.
Dirty Energy: When energy enters a house, it does so between 50Hz and 60Hz. At this point, it is still considered clean energy. When there is an erratic spike or energy surge along power lines and wiring, this is considered “dirty” energy.
Dirty energy can have mid-high range frequencies between 100Hz-100,000KHz causing electric noise.
Because the frequencies are so much higher than the intended range of 50-60Hz, the electric and magnetic fields that are created by the high frequencies can cover an entire house instead of staying limited to the wires.
Dirty electricity is created during the conversion process needed for many household devices to function.
Instead of the flow of electricity being continuous, many devices draw energy in short bursts which causes disruptions leading to spikes and surges.
Unfortunately, once dirty energy is created, it is unusable and can travel across wires. Everything from computers to dimmer switches, step motors and other electronic equipment can contribute to dirty energy.
These fields have been found to have some interesting impacts on the body’s health.
Adverse impact on health: As a bioelectric organism, the human body actually requires a certain amount of energy flow to function — 2Hz for nerve regeneration, 7Hz for bone growth, 10Hz for ligament growth and 15-20Hz for capillary growth stimulation.
Because the body transmits electrical pulses to communicate from the brain to the rest of the body, dirty energy could have a serious impact on neurological conditions, especially in those with electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS).
EHS is currently a controversial topic that refers to those who appear to have notable health changes when exposed to electromagnetic radiation (EMR).
One study published in Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine claims that dirty electricity is one of the causes of worldwide obesity and diabetes.
Another study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association validates EHS as a legitimate neurological disorder by discovering changes in brain glucose metabolism in response to cell phone radio frequencies, but many other studies have revealed conflicting data.
While there are a few conflicting studies about the legitimacy of EHS as an environment-induced neurological disorder, it is undeniable that some people have physical responses to varying frequencies of EMR.
The issue has been finding a truly “safe” level of EMR. There have been reports of people experiencing a variety of symptoms at a variety of frequencies—some at very low frequencies and some at higher ones.
Some of these responses have included skin rashes, tingling, allergy symptoms, headaches, muscle and joint pain, memory loss and even cancer. For those who do have negative responses, dirty energy is something that should be avoided as much as possible.
The process for measuring the amount of dirty energy in your home is a relatively simple one. The most cost-effective and efficient way to do this is to directly measure the amount that is present on the specific building’s wiring.
You can purchase plug-in dirty electricity meters that plug into a wall outlet and give a numerical reading for the amount of dirty electricity present—the higher the number, the greater the amount of dirty energy.
Another way to measure is to use an electronic scope.
This gives a visual representation by providing noise wave shapes, frequencies and amplitudes. Using these, you can more accurately find the specific source of the dirty energy.
How to reduce dirty electricity: First, simply turning off any electrical devices when they are not in use can significantly reduce the amount of dirty energy present in a house at any given time.
Second, instead of using compact fluorescent light-bulbs, use incandescent or LED (find a brand that doesn’t produce a lot of dirty energy) light bulbs.
Third, if you have a SMART utility meter, replacing it with an analog meter will help to lower the dirty energy travelling along the wires.
Last, installing dirty electricity filters in your home will significantly help to lower the dirty energy in the house, especially when using electronics and appliances. These filters are very easy to use as you simply plug them into your electrical outlets in your house and then plug your electronics or appliances directly into the filters.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Expressing their support to the Paris accord on climate change, L'Oreal, Uniliver, DuPont, Biosynthetic Technologies, Cocoestolide, Este'e Lauder had advocated adherence to the international climate accord. The main players had written to US government in a full page ad in New York Times and Wall Street Journal in May.

Beauty industry is already engaged in finding effective formulations to protect skin from external pollutants. Skin damage due to UV rays and increasing pollution is well documented.  The main beauty care companies are following the manufacturing practices which support not only pollution free environment but also ensures sustainable supply of natural organic ingredients.

The natural organic ingredients are likely to suffer if the climate change measures are not adopted. These require pollution-free environment for their sustenance and growth. Herbally Radiant has been advocating measures to fight external pollutants to protect skin that can prevent premature appearance of aging signs. Over-exploitation of natural resources is bound to affect adversely the growth and supply of organic ingredients.