Thursday, April 16, 2015


As reported by Abby Phillip in Washington Post, the business for so-called health pills, dietary supplements or weight-reduction pills is booming; the dietary supplements amounted to $ 13 billion industry in 2013. Regrettably, while there is lack of scientific evidence to support the claim these supplements make, a troubling connection is emerging between men who take dietary supplements and the ailments they might develop.

A new research in British Journal of Cancer found evidence taking muscle building supplements led to 56 to 150 per cent higher risk of developing testicular cancer.

The cosmetics industry is also following the same pattern. Many products are being marketed as “natural” or made with “natural ingredients” without specifying the actual ingredients on labels. The glamorous selling campaigns for some products are: “spot correcting technology”, “biofabrication”, “wrinkle repairer”, “fison hydrate”, all claiming overnight results. Apparently, there is no verifiable evidence for such magical effects.

Another recent study found that a synthetic, amphetamine-like chemical was found in weight-loss supplements advertised as a “natural ingredient”. Two years earlier, FDA had found that chemical, which has never been tested for safety in humans, could be found in supplements that were sold freely on store shelves.

The cosmetics industry at present is loosely regulated and various players are always on the look out to promote their sales with questionable marketing claims. At Herbally Radiant we have been campaigning for stricter regulations so as to prevent potentially risky skin care products from entering the market.

The natural skin care products that are made by Herbally Radiant have certified organic ingredients well displayed on the labels. Highly effective and safe, these are free from any side effects. Consumers need to know about these ingredients and their efficacy in beauty enhancement or in dealing with any skin disorder right from acne to spots or lines, premature aging of skin and so on.  

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