Friday, October 10, 2014


Serums are important for an effective beauty care regime. As we age, our skin’s ability to produce elastin and collagen slows over time. Collagen and elastin are the key elements  in helping to keep skin smooth and resilient. As these fibers break down, the skin begins to lose its strength and elasticity, and fine lines and even deep wrinkles may begin to appear.

A healthy skin is alive and quite sensitive to anything that it touches or anything that is applied on it. It has a rhythm, an inhalation and an exhalation. It absorbs oxygen, nutrients, senses light, and regulates heat and cold. It releases carbon dioxide, sheds dead skin cells and completely regenerates itself every 3-4 weeks.  Serums provide the powerful tonic to the skin to maintain its brightness.

There are several kinds of serum formulations in the market. We have been recommending herbal organic serums which contain rich nutrients in tiny molecules.  The ingredients are packed in concentrated form. Therefore, these super concentrated beauty products pack a big punch for their size – they increase firmness, smooth fine lines, speed cell turnover, correct discoloration, and provide lasting hydration. 

The Rejuvenating and Radiant herbal serums being made by HERBALLY RADIANT  contain key natural ingredients to boost collagen, smooth fine lines, retain moisture, and increase elasticity. The plant and flower extracts, combined with powerful  essential oils, help minimize wrinkles. These extract ingredients restore and rejuvenate skin by protecting cells from oxidative stress and stimulate collagen production. 

After applying these serums, before putting on moisturizer, one can feel the wonderful aromatic effect of intoxicating flora scent from the essential oils. The scent is light and natural creating a calming effect. The other rich nutrients are able to penetrate deep into the pores and the skin is able to absorb them quickly, leaving soft, supple results without any sticky residue. 

Herbally Radiant has included special elements which are rich in anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidants to protect the skin, help repair DNA and prevent cellular damage.  These powerful serums are thus loaded with potent botanicals to amplify radiance, diminish discoloration, ultimately building the anti-aging effect on skin.  As the skin matures with advancing years, it needs good support to retain its natural hydration and radiance.  The herbal organic ingredients, specially selected for this purpose are able to boost skin’s natural exfoliation enzymes to revitalize surface cells and even skin tone.

The plant-based organic natural ingredients included by Herbally Radiant in its formulations have earned excellent reviews from customers. They all say that longer they use these serums, the brighter and smoother their skin looks.  Please remember good serums should have the right regenerative properties which strengthen skin’s elasticity and eliminate age related signs by renewing cells and correcting any damage to the skin. At the end of the day, the skin should look brighter, appear silky smooth and enhance the overall beauty of face. 

Serums constitute very essential  care regime. The plant and flower extracts provide the most powerful beautifying effect with longer lasting results.

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