Monday, October 6, 2014


The never ending desire of people to look young and beautiful has led to continuing expansion of beauty industry.  More and more consumers, not much satisfied with usual pharma-based overly glamorized products are turning to products which claim to contain natural ingredients.  The share of ‘natural’ beauty industry is thus growing steadily.  According to the 2011 survey by Kline & Company, sales of ‘natural’ personal care products rose 15 per cent to reach US$ 23 billion, and that Asia alone accounted for 35 percent of the global natural and organic personal care market.

The natural beauty industry is also innovating and, with the help of latest scientific studies,  is coming up with new organic products with new effective formulations. It is a welcome sign from the point of public health that consumers are now able to take care of the health of their skin, the largest organ of their body.  Efforts to keep it in good shape help prevent premature aging signs. With growing popularity of photo-sharing apps like Instagram and Snapchat as well as wide use of Facebook and Twitter, including the new ‘selfie’ trend, people do want to project a better image of themselves. 

The ever growing competitive environment in workplace leading to a desire to reverse the visible signs of aging and improve physical appearance, combined with similar desire of the aging population, is another major factor to push for new effective beauty products. As a matter of fact, women are coming under more intense pressure to look beautiful all the times. According to Spa Finder Wellness, all these factors are contributing to a cosmetics procedures market that is forecast to grow to $ 17.57 billion in US by 2015, and $ 2.7 billion in Europe.

Among the new techniques being marketed by some manufacturers are bio-identical hormone therapy, testosterone gels, new hormone replacement therapies. This is being pushed through by many players to grab larger share of market of beauty products.  However, we at Herbally Radiant would like to highlight the fact that such new procedures have not so far been evaluated by medical and beauty experts for the desired results. The claims of such products therefore remain unverifiable.

Physiologically, it looks a bit hard to believe that the skin can be treated in a quick dramatic way which could transform it to give a new look in a short.  There have been such attempts and claims in the past where consumers were induced to buy so-called new products.  The results were not always what the manufacturers had claimed. At the same time, experts found association of some of their ingredients with potential health risks.

At HERBALLY RADIANT we have tested all the ingredients that go into our products. All of them have excellent nourishing properties for the skin. We indicate full ingredients on the label of each product to enable consumers to take informed decision. We have been educating consumers that there could not be an instant transformation of skin without potentially dangerous side effects. Use of herbal organic products has the safest record for providing the desired richest nutrients to the skin. These are most eco-friendly, strengthen skin’s immune system and work on skin to give it the natural bright glow. 

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