Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Amongst the uncertain economic growth figures last week, there was a particular development which is boosting the natural organic beauty industry.  The market research group Kline Group released its report which highlighted the continuing rise of natural organic beauty market to $ 30 billion, as at present.

The market research group confirmed that the "natural beauty has solidified in its position as a main stay in the industry, and as much more than a passing fad."  Adding further it said that the plant-based ingredients which were once enough to entice the consumers,are now key factors influencing the decision of the consumers who are more concerned now of the product's effectual function and efficiency.

This trend confirms the earlier forecasts that the growth of natural organic beauty industry has good potential to reach new heights.  The growth coincides with rising consumer awareness about the eco-friendly and health impact of the consumer products.

In the background of the slack growth in other sectors, the steady and continuing growth in natural organic beauty market is of particular interest.  In the US, the natural segment surged by 17% compared to 2% rise for the overall beauty market in 2013.  The growth of natural sector is more pronounced in the emerging countries.

We at HERBALLY RADIANT are glad that the consumer awareness of the adverse health impact of pharma-based beauty products is pushing the natural segment steadily. We have been promoting the use of natural and eco-friendly products, both for the health of the skin and for the environment as a whole.


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