Thursday, October 9, 2014


As Calvin Klein once observed, "The best thing is to look natural, but it takes up make-up to look natural". It is, therefore, essential to make use of available beauty enhancing products and procedures in order to constantly improve appearance and looks. 

Market is flooded with beauty products and aids, striving always to catch the attention of women consumers in particular, who are generally on the look out to enhance their beauty.  As they see their skin maturing and changing shape, they try to find products claiming to create anti-aging effect.  Most of such claims are just part of the glamorous marketing techniques.  Obviously, the anti-aging skin care is now the fastest growing segment worldwide, exceeding $ 96.5 billion market cap. However, the most effective method is to restore and improve natural health of the skin.  As we have always emphasized, natural organic products containing plant-derived extracts happen to be the best, and safe, solution.

One other aspect to enhance beauty is to avoid stress.  Destressing should be a part of all beauty care regime.  Inner tension mostly gets reflected on face which leads to developing lines and wrinkles at early age.  Regular work-out, preferably Yoga exercises, coupled with meditation have been found most effective means to prevent aging signs, especially on face.  Besides keeping the body in best physical shape and the mind fresh and energetic, these ultimately lead to sustained healthy and cheerful appearance and looks. 

Yoga exercises help body retain suppleness; which in turn enables skin to retain its elasticity and eliminate lines and wrinkles.  Meditation helps in calming down and building a serene state of mind.  Combination of these are powerful mechanism for efficient functioning of body and mind which is apparent from the looks and conduct of the individual. 

Modern life style creates frequent stresses and conflicts in daily routine. This leads to anxiety disorders - by one estimate, nearly 40 million people in US display some kind of anxiety disorders.  Stressful looks do not project physical beauty.  In fact, aging of skin is rapid when there is constant stress. Most of the herbal organic products that HERBALLY RADIANT produces contain powerful plant extracts which have excellent calming effect.  In order to secure the best results,  HERBALLY RADIANT combines rich organic ingredients with selected Essential Oils which create a wonderful aromatic experience, affecting both body and mind.  The fragrance of Essential Oils has many sound health benefits while chemical fragrances, mostly alcohol-based, are meant to generate a short smell sensation helping to support the glamorous marketing claims.


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