Thursday, October 16, 2014


Fighting emerging lines and wrinkles on face is among the most important beauty care regime throughout the world.  Before the modern day cosmetics, being touted as the best caring tool to fight aging signs, there were home made natural formulations which were passed down from generations to generations. These natural methods were more effective in retaining the brightness and radiance of skin

Aware of the negative impact of pharma- based cosmetic products, attention is now turning to the natural organic ingredients. In US, women are embracing many old beauty rituals to good effect. Some of these simple DIY techniques still continue to be followed in many countries :-

1.      Tea: These are high in anti-aging antioxidants. White tea and Green tea are rich in an antioxidant known as EGCG. This helps battle wrinkles and helps increase cell turnover. The Chinese mix green tea powder into brewed white tea to create a face mask. This is a very effective natural way to help fight wrinkles and load skin with plumping antioxidants.

2.      In many South Asian countries, particularly in India, women prefer a warm cup of ginger tea. It is mixed with some shredded ginger and honey into hot water. A cup of this tea is loaded with anti-aging benefits. Honey has natural anti-bacterial properties which helps reduce inflammation. Ginger is rich in an antioxidant called gingerol that provides protection against collagen breakdown.  

3.      Apart from face, the hands also need good care. If not treated well, these reflect the aging process. The skin on hands loses its elasticity and fullness. In traditional methods, women mix together sugar and lemon juice to create a scrub for the hands. The sugar crystals act as exfoliant to help slough away dull dead skin by removing free radicals. Lemon juice contains alpha hydroxyl acid that is found in many anti-aging treatments. It also helps peel away the layer of dead skin cells.

4.      Heard of noni juice before? It is a hot, new beauty product that models are made about. This is not something new; it had been in use for centuries in places where it is found abundantly – mostly in tropical countries. For example, Polynesians use the fruit for its moisturizing and anti-aging properties.

5.       The use of grape seed extract has been quite extensive in many places. This supplement can actually boost the level of antioxidants in blood.  It is well known for its excellent properties for protecting collagen and elastin in the skin. With aging process, the skin needs rich nutrients for retaining its elasticity and firmness. Grape seed extracts are therefore very popular in France, Italy and many other European countries.

6.       Use of turmeric is another popular ingredient.  In many countries, especially in Indian subcontinent, it is mixed in many formulations to help skin remain its radiance.  It also has excellent healing properties and can be effectively used to repair any skin damage.


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