Friday, October 3, 2014


1. Cleanser:
It is essential that the skin is cleansed very gently. Please do not use soap which has harsh agents like sulphate. Good cleansers help remove dirt and oil from the skin (a fragrance free morning facewash with moisturizer is simply the best). This should be done regularly, but skin also needs regular exfoliation to get rid of free radicals which tend to clog the pores, thereby preventing nutrients to penetrate the skin. Use of good scrub at least 2-3 times a week will keep the skin in best natural shape. It will also prevent forming of spots and blemishes.  
2.Serum :
Serums consist of tiny molecules, oil or water-based, which are loaded with rich nutrients, including vitamin E or C. These essential nutrients, in highly concentrated form, not only protect skin, but also strengthen skin cells, thereby protecting from brightening spots and other scars. A good herbal serum can help restore the radiance of the skin, and is, therefore, most essential as part of anti-aging care. For best results, serum should be applied after adequate cleansing and toning up of the skin. The Radiant Serum formulated by Herbally Radiant has been found one of the best formulation, especially because of its special herbal ingredients. 

3. Toning:
After the cleansing, it is very useful to tone up the skin. The toning up prepares the skin to absorb the rich nutrients in the face cream. Toning process also creates a gentle exfoliation of the skin.  Many women tend to ignore toning regime, but it makes the skin care regime more effective and helps in transforming the skin into healthy shape. 

4. Good Moisturizer:
A good facial cream is most crucial as it creates a protective layer over face, preventing effects of external pollutants. More importantly, since it stays on face, its rich nutrients keep working on the skin as long as it stays. We recommend organic anti-aging cream since these contain essential nourishing ingredients that are extremely skin-friendly. A good anti-aging cream will help skin regain its natural glow and further improve good appearance. Herbally Radiant has come up with highly commended anti-aging formulations which contain new herbal organic ingredients in combination with highly effective essential oils.

5. Under Eye Cream:
With maturing of skin, more support is required to maintain youthful shape and looks of areas around eye. This area is more delicate. It has no sweat glands and its texture needs extra care. The Eye Cream launched by Herbally Radiant with more than 90% healthy organic ingredients has received tremendous response from consumers, many of whom had earlier used pharma-based eye-creams which are marketed with lofty but unverifiable claims. A good eye cream will help eliminate signs of aging around eyes and reduce puffiness.  It should be used day and night.

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