Friday, February 28, 2014


As pointed out by beauty expert Farah Ahmed in her recent article devoted to enhancing beautiful appearance, it is essential to maintain skin hygiene in order to maintain attractive skin tone.  Cleansing skin in the morning and at night is, therefore, essential to protect skin.  Natural organic cleansers are best suited for this purpose since they contain no harsh cleansing agents which cause strong alkaline effects. The organic cleansers treat skin gently and help it retain its shine. Such cleansers are more useful in removing the color cosmetics from face.

Toning the skin after cleansing it is another essential step.  Again, natural organic toner, according to the skin type, would complement the effect of organic cleanser.  The toning process prepares the skin pores to receive the nutrients of moisturizer.

A toned up skin is thus in the best position to absorb the concentrated nutrients contained in serum.  Unlike chemical ingredients in most of the marketed serums, one should go in for a good organic serum, especially age defying type.  Serum is like a tonic with tiny molecules, and its application provides excellent nourishment to the skin.  A well moisturized skin makes face softer, plumper and more supple.  

To top it all, apply a good cream; organic ingredients in a cream provide an effective base to protect skin and, at the same time, keep skin well hydrated and bright healthy shape. The age defying creams manufactured by Herbally Radiant have powerful effect in restoring the natural radiance of the skin and eliminating the lines and reducing early aging features.

Since skin is vulnerable to sun damage, the use of good sun protection cream is essential whenever sun exposure is

unavoidable. Moisturizers alone cannot provide protection against sun.  Besides causing the kind of damage that can lead to skin cancer, the ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun, as well as the damage by the tanning machines, are responsible for  more than 90 per cent of the visible signs of skin aging, including wrinkles, rough patches, sagging, skin discoloration and dullness. Use of sunscreen is therefore critical in protecting skin from harmful sun rays. Select a cream which has SPF of 15 or higher claim on the label; this could also help in reducing the early aging signs. Many agencies recommend use of water-resistant sunscreen with an SPF of 30+.

Herbally Radiant has launched natural organic foundations which offer protection to skin against sun damage. The Silk Primer, another wonderful natural beauty product introduced by Herbally Radiant has excellent ingredients (avocado and zinc oxide) to protect skin during exposure to sun

Besides unprotected sun exposure, your appearance can also be affected by smoking, pollution, sleep deprivation, poor nutrition and high stress – these factors have to be taken care of in order to supplement your daily beauty routine.


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