Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Body being the largest organ of body, acts as the most important immune defense barrier as well as largest organ for eliminating waste.  Nearly 2 per cent of what we apply on skin goes into our blood. Beauty cosmetics in the market, excluding genuine products with natural organic ingredients, contain many toxins which are mostly petroleum ingredients and which plasticize one’s skin, allowing more germs to get in and less toxins to get out of body.
Cosmetic industry in US not facing any regulatory regime at present is less mindful of the safety and efficacy of the ingredients which go into beauty care products. According to one estimate, nearly 25,000 chemicals used in beauty care products have not been tested for long term toxic effects. On average, one could be using about 200 chemical ingredients in different cosmetics. Continued use of such harsh ingredients makes skin prematurely aging with lines and spots. Some of these harmful ingredients do cause havoc with hormones that control reproduction and development.
We know that the body itself alters as one matures. The skin and muscles lose firmness and density, hair changes color and texture and so on.  However, several new formulations of natural organic beauty products have been tested by experts which are capable of rejuvenating skin, restoring its natural shine and brightness. Herbally Radiant beauty products, with organic content upto 91%, are among the safest and most effective available products.
It is very useful, therefore, to learn about some of the harmful ingredients presently used by beauty products manufacturers.  Customers need to take precaution by checking on the product labels presence of these  :
Isopropyl Alcohol: One of the petroleum derivatives, it is a very drying and irritating solvent and dehydrator that strips your skin’s moisture and natural immune barrier, which can make you more venerable to bacteria, molds and viruses.
DEA, MEA and TEA (in different categories): Also petroleum derivatives, made from propylene, these can act as “carrier” accelerating the penetration of other harmful chemicals into skin.
DMDM Hydantion & Urea (Imidazolidinyl): May often release formaldehyde which can cause skin reactions, irritations and infections, besides weakening the immune system.
FD&C Color Pigments: These are synthetic colors made from coal tar which tend to deposit toxins on skin, causing sensitivity and irritation. Studies show that all such colors are potentially carcinogenic.
Parabens: Most of the beauty products contain parabens, partly to increase the shelf life. Safe natural organic products do not contain parabens which are potentially harmful if applied on skin.
Fragrances: Good organic products mostly contain essential oils to create the desired aromatic effect. Synthetic ingredients used for creating fragrances are not safe in many ways.
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) & Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES): These are good as detergents and surfactants, but used in 90% of personal care products with foaming properties.  

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