Monday, March 3, 2014


There are reports of increasing pressure on FDS by PASS (Public Access to SunScreen) group to allow Americans to have access to latest safe and effective sunscreen products available.

In their meeting with the House Committee in November last year, FDA representatives were asked to shed some light on the long pending approval processes for new sunscreen products. 

As we have mentioned earlier, sun damage to skin is harmful in more than one way.  While it triggers premature aging of skin, developing lines and spots, it can also lead to more severe harm like cancer of skin.  The consumers should therefore be able to avail of the latest more effective sunscreen products as part of the public health program.

Herbally Radiant has been using such ingredients like zinc oxide, avocado, titanium oxide, in combination with other organic ingredients in many of its natural beauty products which prevent damage to the skin from sun. These products also contain powerful nutrients to nourish skin and maintain youthful appearance.


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