Monday, February 24, 2014


Specially selected essential oils, or combination of essential oils, are used in Herbally Radiant products. Essential oils are naturally derived ingredients - extracted from plants, flowers mainly by steam distillation. Unlike parabens which are used by most of the manufacturers to keep their costs low and increase shelf life of their products, essential oils have multi-purpose effects.

Some of the common essential oils used in Herbally Radiant products are: Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Rosemary, Clary Sage, Sandalwood, Tea Tree, Lemon  and Geranium.  For its anti-aging and anti-wrinkle formulations like RADIANT and REJUVENATING Cleansers, Toners, Serums, Creams and Masks, a combination of essential oils, like Elegance, Mature Essential oils, Tea Tree, Lavender are used to create unique effect for revitalizing skin and young appearance.  In its CLEAN range (Cleanser, Toner and Serum), Tea Tree essential oil is used, along with other rich nutrients, to fight acne, eczema, and other skin damages.

Another good combination of essential oils is used by Herbally Radiant in Citron, Lavare and Sereno Shampoo, Conditioners and Lotion, Hair Mask, Hair Gel. These formulations have been prepared as body and hair care items. Besides keeping body skin adequately moisturized, these also help in removing dandruff, hydrating dull hair and preventing hair fall.

The use of essential oils in Herbally Radiant products thus serves the purpose of (i) preventing potential damage otherwise due to harsh chemical agents in non-organic products, (ii) feeding skin with the best rich nutrients so that skin undergoes rejuvenation and maintains its elasticity and shine, and (iii) preserving its natural products which have high level of organic contents.

Use of essential oils, instead of chemicals, ensures safe Herbally Radiant products even for pregnant or nursing women.

Essential Oils create aromatherapy with their distinct fragrances, which have very calming and soothing effect, thus rendering a cheerful disposition, and indirectly helping in fighting stressful environment.

Essential Oils should not be used for direct application without expert supervision.They have excellent effect when used in combination with other natural ingredients.


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