Saturday, January 28, 2017


Good initiative by the California Department of Toxic Substances which has outlined its first three years of exploration for the work set to run through this year. The two of these directly concern the personal care and cosmetic industry: potential health and safety impacts of chemicals in nail products, and continued use of triclosan and other harmful elements in nail polish.
The California Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative also cautions consumers against the following chemical ingredients in cosmetics: Toluene, which can cause cracked skin, itchy eye, headache, reproductive problems; Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) which is already banned from cosmetic products in Europe, and Formaldehyde which can cause breathing problems, watery eyes and has been found to be carcinogen.
In another story of the week, the Target chain of stores has decided to have ingredients listed on the cosmetic products in order to ensure transparency and reliability of the beauty products that are aggressively marketed by the manufacturers who can be accounted for the safety of their products.
It was in 2014 when Target launched its promotional campaign to promote natural organic cosmetics. This led to average 30% sales increase. That has encouraged Target to take more steps to focus on natural beauty products.

Herbal Radiant has been highlighting the health risks from the products that contain harsh chemicals, or from the products that are marketed without showing the ingredients on the label.  Risky and substandard cosmetics have been mostly sold by the online marketers.  But consumers need to be vigilant and must satisfy themselves about the safety of every product. In this context, it would be recalled that many new natural skin care products have been found to be extremely healthy and beneficial.  These are effective skin repairer and free from any health hazard.

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