Monday, January 9, 2017


According to the latest news roundup, companies are now rushing to seek alternatives to the plastic microbeads being used in the cosmetics so far. US has already banned use of polyethylene, the micro-plastics from the skin care products from January this year. Many countries have realized the adverse impact of such synthetic ingredients to the health of the consumers and to the environment, and are banning their use.
It will take long to identify suitable alternatives to Polyethylene present used in chemical-based formulations, and may be years to examine if they also pose side effect or cause damage to environment. Meanwhile, consumers have the choice of more healthy beauty formulations that are being made with organic ingredients in US.
For the past six years, Herbally Radiant has been making nearly 70 products with USDA certified organic ingredients. These range from anti-aging formulations like Radiant and Rejuvenating to especially made Clean formulations to treat skin conditions like acne, black heads, spots and lines and wrinkles.
To keep its products chemical and polyethylene free, vegan and free from any synthetic additives or colors, Herbally Radiant uses clinically proved healthier and effective ingredients. Some of these are:
Extracts of rooibos tea, calendula, olive oil, lavendula angustifolio  in the Radiant Face Cleanser;  organic jojoba, calendula, aloe juice, green tea in Radiant Face Mask; and orange peel and neem extracts, neem seed oil, cinnamon bark powder in its wonderful Pumpkin Glow Mask.
The Cleanser and Masks of Herbally Radiant contain many other ingredients which complement each other in creating amazingly bright and healthy skin. These ingredients penetrate the pores and create beauty from inside.  

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