Tuesday, January 17, 2017


The London trading service authorities have reported that there were more violations of safety by cosmetic products during 2016. 

The 15 cosmetic businesses found to be marketing unhealthy products were fined Pounds 168,579.  But what is more important from the point of consumers' safety is the increasing instances of adding harmful ingredients. For example, Grace Due product contained 18% of bleach agent hydroquinone, the highest amount ever found according to British standards.

Another product Faiza Beauty Cream was found to contain 0.54% mercury.

The skin lightening lotions were the majority in such cases. These contained hydroquinone, mercury and corticosteriods in dangerous proportions.

The instances of mislabeling the products also went up.  Lack of traceability of marketers of dangerous products was also noticed in growing number of cases, leaving the consumers  more vulnerable and bypassing the accountability safeguards.

It is for the consumers to rely on brand products known for their safety and reliability, and to ignore the suspiciously marketed products, most of the time with low prices.

The brand products of Herbally Radiant which are manufactured in US with USDA certified organic ingredients have been found by customers among the safest and most effective skin care products.  

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