Saturday, January 10, 2015


There are reports from different quarters that consumers are increasingly looking into the ingredients of the cosmetic products before they decide to purchase them.  This is a healthy sign both for the good brands and for the health of  the consumers in the long run.

For example, Organic Monitor, recently released a study which concluded that nearly 2/3rds of natural personal care product consumers in UK specially avoided items containing parabens.  (Parabens which are extensively used by many beauty brands, are petroleum-based ingredients which, apart from other reasons, also help increase the shelf life of the product.)

As pointed out by Jack Constantine of beauty brand Lush, "I think transparency is going to be hugely important, as over the coming years, with the access we now have (referring to the availability of product information, through newly developed apps - like "Think Dirty"), which list detailed ingredients of individual cosmetic products.

As we have been reporting from time to time, more and more players in beauty industry are trying to phase out use of microbeads from their products. (Microbeads are petro-based tiny molecules used mainly in exfoliants, shampoo and other body care products, have proved to be environmentally harmful.)

Consumers looking for safer skin care products, will find wide choice in natural organic formulations which are being used by more and more health conscious consumers.

Analyzing this trend, experts have assessed the global market for natural cosmetics to be of the order of $ 15 billion by 2018.


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