Monday, January 19, 2015


Those caring for the health of the skin, should be knowing that free radicals are produced by skin cells. A free radical is any atom or molecule that is missing an electron in its outer shell. This will attack and destroy other healthy atoms to get the electron it needs. Thus the free radicals tend to accumulate in strength and become responsible for the oxidative damage to skin.  It is important to remove these free radicals for these can lead biological organism to age. This process involves turning the oils of our skin rancid with adverse impact on the collagen.  Collagens are important for the protection of skin as they serve the building blocks of skin.

Therefore, getting rid of free radicals regularly forms part of essential beauty care routine. This can be done by applying ingredients which are rich in antioxidants. These will neutralize the skin damage by nourishing it with right kind of nutrients. The antioxidants repair from damage any skin which has been overexposed to sun, has developed aging signs, dryness or is damage from pollutants.

The free radical damage can be controlled and prevented by applying such products which have antioxidants. Such products protect the skin, help in reducing scars and promoting healing. Since antioxidants are destroyed or oxidized, one has to continue to feed the skin with fresh antioxidants to keep the it healthy.

At Herbally Radiant we have included many antioxidants-rich ingredients in our products. These act fast in slowing, or preventing the oxidation of other molecules. The combined effect of these ingredients slows down further damage to cells and especially prevent oxidative damage which otherwise leads to premature aging signs.

Besides antioxidants, other top products of Herbally Radiant, especially its age-defying products like REJUVENATING andRADIANT also contain vitamin C and vitamin E. These complement the effect of antioxidants and help in regeneration of young cells. Regular use of antioxidants-rich formulations will prevent oxidation  by neutralizing the free radicals in the first stage, and then preventing their recurrence.

For added effect, Herbally Radiant has used such minerals in the products which enhance the effect on skin.  Especially in winter, when there is extra dryness and the skin needs more moisturization, one can keep applying such creams or lotions generously which also provide rich nutrients to the skin for rejuvenating effect.

Herbally Radiant formulations are best in protecting skin from scars and lines, giving it naturally radiant appearance.  Especially for the purpose of rejuvenating skin in most effectively, the   Rejuvenating, Radiant and Clean range serums launched by Herbally Radiant have been found to create amazing effect, and these have increasingly become great customer-favorites. Serums are very tiny molecules which penetrate pores in skin, and therefore act very fast and effectively.  

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