Saturday, January 31, 2015


The cold weather leads to dryness of skin; one feels lips are chapped more often apart from discomfort due to dryness.  Following are some, though not exclusive, good tips for taking care of skin during winter as advised by Yagana Shah in Huffington Post :-
1.      Heating dries you out. As we spend more time indoors, we're increasingly exposed to central heating, space heaters and even electronic fireplaces. All that dry, hot air your skin is being exposed to all day long zaps the moisture from your skin, causing flaking, tightness and dullness. Since staying outdoors isn't exactly an option, fight the effects by using a humidifier which will pump moisture into the air, helping your skin feel more comfortable and hydrated.
2.      Avoid Tanning. As we have separately reported, increasing number of studies are pointing to a link between use of tanning beds and many skin disorders.  While your tan may appear good, it carries health risks.  The UV light in the tanning beds damage the collagen and elastin in your skin, causing all sorts of problems like premature wrinkling, sagging, dark spots and a leathery-texture.
3.      In winter, there is tendency to eat more as body burns more calories in order to retain warmth. Many people therefore tend to gain extra weight during the holidays, especially with increased intake of sugary diet and alcohol.
All skin experts advise reduced intake of sugar and alcohol. Alcoholic drinks dehydrate you and can deplete your skin’s vitamin A, a key component for cell renewal and keeping your skin supple. Sugar, on the other hand, which only adds calories, can cause inflammation, when certain compounds in body process sugar, thereby causing damage to proteins in skin, and weakening skin’s defenses against sun damage.
4.      Avoid frequent or too hot showers.  One finds steam and heat in the shower relaxing, but it adds to the dryness post-shower. Your skin needs all the moisture it can get in the winter and hot showers make it harder.  Long showers tend to strip your skin of its top layer of oil. The result : tight, itchy, flaky skin. Try not to stay in the shower longer than you need to get clean. And try to use warm, not hot, water. Most importantly, don't forget to keep skin adequately moisturized all the time.
5.      As a matter of fact, winter time is the best time to provide rich nutrients to your skin when skin’s ability to absorb them increases.  After experimenting with some powerful herbal ingredients, Herbally Radiant has launched special range of anti-aging cosmetics (Rejuvenating and Radiating) with Cleansers, Toners, Moisturizers and Serums, which contain a combination of exotic herbal extracts.  These provide excellent nourishment to skin, help in revitalizing skin, maintaining its elasticity and preserving its youthful appearance.  

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