Thursday, January 15, 2015


A timely reporting in New York Times, by Merisa Meltzer, highlights the trendy disdain for surfactants, the “surface-active agents” responsible for shampoo’s cleaning action and lathering properties, and detergents. Though they provide a squeaky-clean feeling, they can leave hair feeling dried out.“It’s a niche concept, but it’s growing very rapidly,” said Jennifer DiSomma, assistant vice president for new product development at L’Oréal Paris.

Michael Gordon, the founder and former president of Bumble and bumble, will tell you that for many people, freshly washed hair is, in simple terms, “not cool.” Last year, Mr. Gordon, now the founder of the creative studio Hairstory, introduced the Purely Perfect line of hair care products. Its detergent-free Cleansing Creme uses aloe vera extract and essential oils to clean hair.
The once-odd idea of using cleansing conditioners (they clean but don’t foam) as a substitute for shampoo became increasingly in vogue  last year.

“There is likely a balance between the two approaches,” said Dr. Jessica Weiser, a dermatologist at the New York Dermatology Group in the Flatiron district. Excessive shampooing can deplete the natural oils that protect the hair’s cuticle, but in co-washing alone, she said, “styling products are inadequately removed.”

 “When the hair has texture, it tends to be much drier, and detergents tend to make it even more dry,” said Miko Branch, a founder and the chief executive of Miss Jessie’s. 

But mere promises of perfect hair aren’t enough for everyone. Ms. Hanley used Purely Perfect on a client who was dismayed that it didn’t lather and asked to have her hair washed again with regular shampoo. “It really freaks some people out,” she said.

Now compare these new trendy products with the herbal organic shampoo & conditioner. For example, the Lavender and Citron Shampoo-Conditioner (upto 91% organic content), launched by Herbally Radiant, have received encouraging response by consumers who have found them wonderful treat for their hair.

Both ranges: CITRON and LAVARE natural organic shampoo & conditioner, aloe vera based, without surfactants, are gentle foaming, superbly luxurious and soft for shiny and bouncy hair, while strengthening hair roots and protecting from external pollutants. (Priced at $ 12.90 each, shipping is free on order of one set.)

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