Saturday, February 28, 2015


FDA is actively scrutinizing false claims of brand beauty products, especially when it comes to so-called anti-aging promotional campaigns. L’Oreal is again being warned for making claims of their products ‘Rosalic AR Intense’ and ‘Mela-D Pigment Control’. Both these products have not been recognized as safe and effective for the claimed uses.  FDA has therefore asked the company to take immediate action to rectify the violation of Cosmetic Act.
Separately, FDA has asked Avon and Estee Launder to change their labelling and marketing claims of anti-wrinkle, or anti-aging  products.
Recently, FDA warned California-based company Cell Vitals about its moisturizer being marketed as having “anti-bacterial” and “anti-cancer” properties, or claimed to repair skin damage caused by UV rays.
Those wishing to take better care of their skin might like to use safe, effective and skin-friendly products made with plant-based ingredients, or natural herbal extracts (as Herbally Radiant has been promoting for several years). Most of these have been used by women for centuries because of their efficacy and safe use.  Consumers need to take informed decision rather than getting influenced by the marketing claims of any product.

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