Monday, March 2, 2015


As a manufacturer of natural herbal beauty products for improving skin health, including unique formulations for anti-aging treatment, Herbally Radiant is delighted to note the consistently rising trend of maintaining natural looks. The trend was noticeable when the 23011 survey by Kline and Co predicted likely global sales of natural products to reach $ 23 billion – a rise by 15%. 
The trend in 2012 continued to reflect rising global trend for organic personal care products, and US emerged as the largest market for these, followed by Japan and Germany.  Consumer’s concern about health and safety, and valuation of “green” attributes were the predominant factors. Consumer’s assessment of “green” attributes as determining factor in their lifestyle greatly impacted on their purchasing decisions.
US research firm Transparency Market Research has now forecast that the market for personal care and cosmetics in US is likely to reach % 15 billion by 2015. It also highlights consumers’ concern for potentially harmful ingredients in creams and cosmetics, and stimulating the demand for natural and organic beauty products.
Following the cue, Estee Lauder acquired Rodin Olio Lusso which was making luxury skin care oils from natural ingredients. HSN has now joined M-61 skincare line engaged in manufacture of products without parabens and sulfates and free from certain fragrances and dyes. Other beauty brands have also joined the “natural’ band wagon since then.
Besides the beauty considerations, it is the concern of public health as well which is pushing for the wider acceptance of natural organic products. The mainstream consumers continue looking  more and more at ecologically sourced and conceptually natural products, and Herbally Radiant is confident that this trend will arrest growing problems like skin allergies, skin cancer and other disorders, and will serve the interests of consumers and industry.

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