Thursday, February 12, 2015


There was encouraging study by UC California researchers that cosmetics manufacturers are now using lower levels of phthatale in their products. 
Phthatale is a kind of industrial chemical used to soften plastic.  It is mixed by many companies in skincare products like after shave lotions, baby creams, shampoos, hair sprays, nail polish and other skin softeners.  However, it can disrupt the endocrine system which secretes hormones and thus can affect reproductive systems.
Though FDA tests did not find enough evidence to regulate its use in beauty products, many studies have highlighted the resulting harmful effects. Environmental groups, which have been campaigning against this chemical, allege that the manufacturers are continuing its use due to a loophole in FDA regulations. A Beldon Fund study found that out of 72 products selected for testing, 52 were found to contain this industrial chemical in concentrations ranging up to nearly 3% of product formulation.
Since 2004, more than 1000 companies have agreed to remove certain chemicals from their skin care products.  Last year, P&G also announced that 70% of its beauty products were now phthatale-free.
Consumers need to remain vigilant about the potential harmful ingredients in the cosmetics they purchase. Due to potentially harmful effects of pharma-based chemicals on skin, Herbally Radiant has been advising consumers to take extra precaution, and consider using natural organic beauty products instead which are backed by proven experience over centuries.

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