Tuesday, February 17, 2015


 So far Illinois and New Jersey have begun prohibiting use of harmful microbeads in skin care products. Now Colorado will be joining these states soon to ban these ingredients to protect public health and environment. Required legislation is being worked out for this purpose.
The microbeads are tiny plastic particles which are mixed in cleansers, body exfoliators, body scrubs, soaps, wash and shower gel, foaming face wash and other beauty products. These are non-bio-degradable and harmful to environment. There are other eco-friendly alternatives which manufacturers can turn to for continuing to manufacture their products.
Apart from natural organic cosmetics manufacturing businesses like Herbally Radiant, there are increasing number of NGOs (like International Campaign Against Use of Microbeads) and international bodies which are advocating bon on use of toxic and harmful chemical ingredients in cosmetics. To help consumers, many of them have listed on their websites the brand names of products that contain microbeads.  There are many websites informing consumers about the use of lead and toxic colors in lipsticks.
Earlier, the state of California could not pass the needed legislation to ban manufacture and sale of microbeads-mixed products.  It is expected to take up this legislation again soon.
Many top brands, including Johnson & Johnson, Proctor & Gamble, Estee Lauder had announced plans to phase out microbeads from their products. Many others are yet to decide about it.
Herbally Radiant has been manufacturing its organic beauty products with eco-friendly natural ingredients, without any toxins or potentially harmful ingredients. It has also been raising awareness about the effects of pharma-based products, many of them not disclosing the ingredients on the labels. Its popular anti-aging formulations (Rejuvenating and Radiant) are the safest and effective natural products available in the market at present.

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