Saturday, February 7, 2015


Men’s grooming trend is gaining more momentum, and Valentine’s Day can be a memorable celebration to give man in your life something which will improve his looks, add to his handsome features and display one’s deep romance with him.  Mind you, good skincare products always help in creating impressive personality that is essential for any man trying to compete successfully in any area.
As manufacturers of herbal skin care products for the past five years, Herbally Radiant are, therefore, offering specially prepared formulations for men’s grooming on this Valentine’s Day with 25% off on any order of 3 from following package; shipping free. These unique men’s range products revitalize skin by providing rich botanical nutrients that penetrate skin through pores to transform it into a bright, healthy and charming shape.
1.WASH: Aloe-based, and with avocado, witch hazel, azadirachta indica & jojoba, this non-foaming effective face Cleanser removes gently any tiny particle of dirt or external pollutants, giving face a refreshing young look. ($ 22.90)
2.STIMULATE: Made with aloe barbadensis, cucumber distillate, witch hazel, black willow bark extracts, this face Toner, when gently messaged in upward on face, nourishes skin and prepares it to absorb rich nutrients of the cream. ($ 22.90)
3.RESIST: This is especially prepared to give men’s facial skin a new experience. With 80% organic content, it contains nearly two dozen herbal extracts and organic ingredients.  Regular use will rejuvenate the skin, protect it against external pollution and the blend of essential oils used in it will create a refreshing cool feeling. ($ 24.90)
4.PEEL: Excellent face scrub for men. It contains a combination of herbal extracts to reinvigorate skin. (Present stock completely sold out.)
5.HAIR GEL: With 94% organic content, this is a clear, non-flaky gel to nourish and style men’s hair any way he wants. Great for smoothing the edges and frizzy hair. Maintains natural texture without any build up. ($ 9.90)
Herbally Radiant has also introduced very effective anti-acne formulations, samples of which can be obtained freely: contact

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