Thursday, February 19, 2015


This seems to be an outcome from Nielsen market survey where more than 60% Americans showed disfavor for products containing artificial colors and flavors.   NestlĂ© USA has therefore announced plans to remove artificial flavors and colors from its chocolate products , including  Butterfingers, Crunch and Baby Ruth bars,  by the end of the year. NestlĂ© will be the first candy manufacturer in the U.S. to remove artificial ingredients in its existing products, according to The Wall Street Journal.
Artificial flavors and color additives, if seen on the label mean unnatural ingredient, or a blend of hundreds of chemicals. Artificial flavors are found in thousands of processed foods. All these are widely believed to create health hazards. Artificial colors are widely used from cereals to cosmetics. Most artificial dyes are linked to hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, including adverse effect on children’s behavior.
Fortunately, there are alternative natural ingredients which USDA considers safe for use of consumers and which Nestle is said to be considering to use in future.
As in food products, Herbally Radiant has also been promoting healthy skincare products and transparent labelling of products with detailed ingredients. This is important to protect health and interests of the consumers. Most of the chemical ingredients in cosmetic products create health risks; Herbally Radiant is witnessing increasing cases of skin allergy, mainly due to harsh chemicals in cosmetics.  It is therefore using natural organic formulations with USDA approved ingredients.

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