Friday, February 6, 2015


The International Journal of Cosmetic Science carries a useful study of a team of Japanese scientists (Fukuda, Baba and Akasaka) on the negative effect of psychological stress on skin.  The team studied the link between stress and the epidermal permeability barrier function (EPBF).
After our own extensive research and study of different skin conditions, we had found that to maintain beautiful looks with healthy skin, one had to keep his/her emotions under check. That meant stress-free lifestyle. The plant-based formulations that Herbally Radiant has launched, therefore, use selected blend of Essential Oils in specific ratios that derive all the benefits of aromatherapy.  Aromatherapy is aimed at soothing the nerves and creating calming sense on skin as well.
Psychologically speaking, a stressed personality displays unhealthy facial features and skin. In its anti-aging formulations, HerballyRadiant has, therefore, included special blend of Essential Oils which have excellent soothing properties. When the aroma enters body through inhaling and external application of formulation, the resulting calming of senses helps promote healthy effect on skin and brightens younger looks.
Less processed food, eliminating sugar, stopping smoking, reducing alcoholic beverages, regular work out and healthy lifestyle are the most recommended measures that help deal with various kinds of stresses. In the matter of skin care, it is safer, with long lasting effect, to shift to use of natural products in place of pharma-based formulations, many of which are known to contain potentially harmful chemical substances.

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