Wednesday, February 4, 2015


New DNA technology to fight counterfeit and fake products is going to prevent dubious  companies trying to cash in on the brand name of top companies.
HerballyRadiant has been highlighting the growing menace of fake skincare products, most of them being marketed through online shopping portals. The counterfeit products are not backed by standards of quality and safety, and, therefore, pose potentially high risk to skin.
The US company ITW Pillar and Applied DNA Sciences are working on a new technology of traceable and tamper-proof induction sealing solutions.  The cap sealing system will incorporate a unique DNA signature taggant to mark products, and allow for forensic authentication on the seal itself.  The system will protect the tamper-proof seals on original packaging, and subsequently protect original product with the forensic proof needed to confirm that the quality and integrity of product are not compromised.   
Herbally Radiant welcomes any effective solution which could help protect consumers against substandard and questionable skin care products. It will take care of the interests of manufacturers who invest considerable time and money in developing new products.  At present, conventional induction seals are vulnerable to easy counterfeiting.

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