Friday, February 13, 2015


As we highlighted in our last blog, there has been growing opposition to the mixing of phthalates by manufacturers of beauty products.  These are industrial chemicals which are used in baby lotions, shampoo, hair spray, nail polish, but are potentially hazardous, especially for reproductive health systems.

The State of Maine has responded to the concerns of public health, and has proposed to regulate mixing of phthalates in beauty products.  The proposed rule will "apply to the manufacturers or distributors of certain products, the fiscal impact of which will fall mainly on manufacturers of  such consumer products which contain intentionally add amounts of the four proposed priority chemicals". The State hopes that these regulations will make companies think twice before formulating products with phthalates.

Main also aims to protect children's health by regulating formaldehyde industrial chemical used in several skincare products.

With proven safety and reliability record of skincare products which contain natural ingredients, it might also be useful for public to know the better choice they have.  At Herbally Radiant we have customers who have been able to bring under control many skin related disorders by using products with USDA approved organic ingredients and herbal extracts. Its anti-aging ('Rejuvenating' - 'Radiant') and anti-acne ('Clean') formulations have especially been found very effective and cost effective.

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