Thursday, September 25, 2014


Although there have been reports earlier of potential harm from the use of artificial sweeteners, it has now been confirmed by a team of researchers at Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, that artificial sweeteners, used in drinks like Diet Soda, have link to the gut bacteria, which in turn leads to other health problems.

According to the scientists, the use of artificial sweeteners have changed the composition of gut bacteria over time which explains why people are becoming more glucose intolerance.  This growing glucose intolerance has been found to lead to conditions like obesity and diabetes.

It is essential to maintain efficient digestive, and metabolic, systems.  The link of artificial sweeteners to many physical disorders, through gut bacteria, is now getting clearer, and those already suffering from obesity and diabetes need to take precautions of avoiding drinks or food which are made with artificial sweeteners.

Once again, we at Herbally Radiant, would appeal for opting natural ingredients both in food and in skin care products as a holistic approach to overall health.

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