Monday, September 22, 2014


While discussing relief from acne, it is highlighted by experts that external stressful situation leads to flare up of acne condition.  Let us be clear about the fact that every one undergoes stress in one form or the other, but stress itself does not lead to acne build up.  It is a skin condition which can be aggravated by many factors.

According to Dr. Richard Granstein, Dermatologist, the nervous system which processes our stress, has an impact on conditions such as psoriasis.  He also adds that the nervous system and stress  affect inflammatory skin conditions in human.

To fight stress, body's defense mechanism activates itself and releases certain chemicals in reaction. A normal healthy skin does not reflect physical reaction to stress, but in acne conditions, this mechanism at times releases increased level of these chemicals which further aggravate the acne and other skin disorders.

The solution, therefore, is to bring acne under control and eliminate as early as it starts erupting. It is much easier to treat it effectively and eliminate in the initial stage. The treatment will differ from individual to individual depending upon skin type and the causes that lead to this condition.  Basically, with regular soft cleansing of facial skin and maintaining its pH balance, it can ward off any acne or similar condition.

Our long experience in natural organic beauty formulations tell us that the soft facial skin should not be subjected to any harsh chemical-based cleansing, or moisturizing. There are excellent natural cleansing formulations which are very skin friendly and which also provide rich nutrients to the skin. A healthy skin is able to maintain its pH balance easily.


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