Monday, September 15, 2014


At the recently held event "Cosme Tokyo", it was highlighted by many participants that increasing number of mothers now feel concerned at the exposure of their children's soft skin to the harsh and potentially toxic chemicals in many skin care products which are presently being marketed glamorously.

What has been worrying the mothers and would-be-mothers is that the incident of allergies, particularly among the young children, is on the rise steadily in recent years. Applying unsafe products could aggravate any condition, especially among babies.

Taking cue from this trend, top Japanese companies (Absiolute and Tapauch Natural Tech) are reported to be taking steps to eliminate many potentially harmful chemical toxins from their current products made for the children. Few French companies are also taking this opportunity to increase the medicinal plants based ingredients in their products to meet the increasing demand.

HERBALLY RADIANT  is happy to note that the trend for natural organic products is growing worldwide. We believe that it is the health aspect which is more important for everyone whether children or adults. Healthy skin free from spots and other disorders adds to the overall well being. The natural organic ingredients in any products make them safer, effective without any side effects.  Fortunately, there is nearly 18-20% annual increase in consumers of such such products now.

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