Friday, March 24, 2017


In a welcoming trend, more and more consumers are showing awareness of the sustainability aspect of skin care products.

This is especially important in the case of products containing natural ingredients where the role of raw material suppliers is important. Apart from the need to ensure the sustainability of natural resources, they need to maintain the quality of the raw material as well. The safety and reliability of the skin care products, like drugs, needs to be guaranteed since it is in the domain of public health.

As regards the quality aspect, Herbally Radiant has come across scores of online suppliers of natural raw ingredients, or finished natural products, which offer unbelievably low prices. Obviously, the supplies are less than safe as there have been several instances where, for example, expensive Essential Oils were supplied with adulterated vegetable oils.

It is a healthy trend that consumers are now questioning the real contents of the products and assuring themselves about the sustainability aspect.  They are demanding to know what ingredients are in their chosen brands; whether the ingredients come from where they are tested on animals; if the sources of raw materials are renewable, or if they contribute to the deforestation or loss of biodiversity, and ultimately they want their brand to be sustainable.

The beauty industry needs to ensure :

a)Intrinsic environmental cosmetics: reducing carbon footprint, water and waste, increased use of renewable raw materials, increased used of non-fossil energy and greater efficiency of the products in use; and

b)Sustainable raw material supplies: renewable vs petrochemicals, and sustainable credentials of the renewable raw materials.

Herbally Radiant has been promoting sustainable manufacturing practices.  In its products, it uses the USDA certified natural ingredients to ensure total safety, reliability and sustainability aspects of manufacturing process, and its overall business operations.

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