Monday, March 6, 2017


Recent reports suggest that scientists are mixing the good bacteria into lotions in the hope of spreading protection of skin.

Dr. Richard Gallo, dermatology chairman at the University of California, who is leading the testing, explained that we share our bodies with trillions of microbes that live on our skin, in our noses, in the gut.  This body of microbes plays critical role in whether we stay healthy or become more vulnerable to various diseases. His research sheds new light on the skin's microbiome - suggesting that one day it may be possible to restore the right balance of good bugs to treat skin disorders too.
Healthy skin harbors a different mix of bacteria than the skin damaged by disorders such as atomic dermatitis, the most common form of eczema. those patches of dry, red, itchy skin are increased risk of infections.

As a regular skin care regimen, Herbally radiant has been advising that the natural skin has a tremendous self-rejuvenation if properly cared for. A mature skin develops certain particular characteristics. the skin cells are dry, having lost the ability to retain moisture. This is apparent on the outer layer of the skin, which develops fine lines.  the cells of the outer layer are dry and shrivelled, giving the skin a rough texture. The problem of moisture loss is aggravated by a decrease in oil-gland activity.

The new cosmetology techniques offer corrective techniques in the form of external care. However, what is more important and useful is to take corrective measures which seek to restore suppleness to the skin and make it smooth, resilient and moist with an even color tone. This can be done with those natural ingredients which provide rich nutrients to skin, thus accelerating epidermal regeneration and building more evenly toned skin.

By including aloe juice, jojoba oil, lavender extracts, palm oil and rosechip oil and white tea with vitamin E and vitamin C ester, in combination with fine blend of mature essential Oils, the anti-aging lotions and serums (RADIANT) and (REJUVENATING) launched by Herbally Radiant several years ago have become favorite.  These organic elements help skin retain the good bacteria which scientists are now trying, in various tests, to re-introduce into the skin.

The harsh chemical ingredients in most of the beauty formulations wash away or destroy the delicate microbes on skin that keep it in healthy and naturally glowing.  The natural organic skin care formulations are, therefore, better answer to protect and revitalize skin.

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