Thursday, March 2, 2017


The laterst trend in the beauty industry indicates that there is growing recognition of the fact that beauty and fitness are deeply interconnected.  This was made amply clear by the Mintel expert recently when he linked overall well-being to beauty and fitness. He added that the focus of current lifestyles of consumers now is on physical, mental and emotional balance, ensuring that the wellness is generated from within.

The importance of physical work out has been highlighted by Herbally Radiant while dealing with the issues of beauty care. It has, therefore, been promoting healthy food and regular workout for everyone. This is as important for maintaining good looks and overall impressive appearance as applying skin-friendly natural skin care products in lieu of products made from harsh chemical ingredients.

Although we get most of our nutrition orally, the skin ingests nutrients as well.  In fact, unlike the food we chew and swallow, which is broken down in the stomach before it is metabolized, creams and lotions applied to the skin bypass the digestive process, and go full strength directly into the bloodstream. Like all ingested substances, they become raw material for building new body tissue – or they become potent toxic waste.  Herbally Radiant therefore always advises its customers: Think of your beauty products not as cosmetics, but as food. If you cannot eat it, do not impose it on your skin.

Thus, beauty and brain in a healthy body go together. Therefore, healthy balanced diet, regular work out and going in for the skin-friendly beauty products should be an integrated approach in any beauty care regime.

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