Thursday, March 23, 2017


According to the Zion Market Research study “Anti-Aging … Market, by product (Botox, Anti-Wrinkle Products, Anti-Stretch Mark Products, …), the global demand for anti-aging products was valued at $ 140 billion in 2015 which is expected to reach $ 216.52 billion by 2021.
It is this market potential which is motivating several cosmetic companies to come up with various kinds of options  like Anti-Pigmentation Therapy, Anti-Adult Acne Therapy, Breast Augmentation, Liposuction, Chemical Peel, Hair Restoration Treatment), by Device (Microdermabrasion, Laser Aesthetics, Anti-Cellulite Treatment and Anti-Aging Radio Frequency Devices).
Aging is achieved by a cycle of different biochemical procedures in the body that influence it, both internally and externally. These biochemical procedures cause the body to degenerate over a timeframe, affecting the wellbeing, wellness and physical appearance of an aging person
Anti-aging includes procedures and medication intended to delay, stop or retard the aging process. Baby boomer’s progressing towards retirement age; contribute a strong market for various organizations and cosmetic surgeons. Anti-aging product advancement and innovations coupled with improved efficiency and safety are considered to be major driving factor for anti-aging market.
Few weeks back, reports said that scientists were trying to plant friendly bacteria on skin which could help prevent premature aging signs.  This week, a team of Erasmus University Medical Center in the Netherlands are planning human trials for what they hope is a treatment for old age. The scientists have created a drug that selectively killed senescent cells by disrupting the chemical balance within them. Though this will have many physiological benefits, the application of the new technique is most likely to be used for anti-aging procedures which the cosmetic industry is so keen to exploit.
At Herbally Radiant, the R&D team has tested the efficacy of several natural ingredients in combination with blends of essential oils. The resulting formulations: Radiant and Rejuvenating ranges have shown amazing results, and are more cost effective than the types of anti-aging drugs and procedures being marketed by the industry with unverifiable claims.
The ingredients in the anti-aging formulations developed by the HerballyRadiant have proven record of safety and efficacy for centuries. Without causing any side effect, which is especially crucial for sensitive type of skin, the natural organic ingredients in these anti-aging formulations are USDA certified organic that adhereto the highest standard of quality and safety.
Instead of venturing into questionable new drugs and procedures, the safer and inexpensive choice for the consumers would be to opt for natural skin care products, especially when it comes to applying anti-aging formulations.

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