Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Essential oils are crucial in any natural cosmetics or skin care product. They create the desired effect on skin and have to be meticulously chosen in right ratio with other ingredients for safe and best results. Essential oils also provide amazingly effective fragrance, creating aromatherapy effect.
With increasing popularity of natural ingredients in beauty care products, the demand for natural fragrances is also rising.  Consumers, seeking healthier lifestyles and alternatives, are now demanding natural fragrances which trigger down to their beauty regime.  Consequently, manufacturers are looking for natural based or naturally derived fragrances, avoiding chemicals or synthetic based ingredients which have a perceived heightened risk of allergies and toxins.
However, there is a catch: it all depends on how essential oils are derived. Many use absolutes which are rich, beautiful, expensive and can add depth to a fragrance, but if extracted using hexane or petroleum ether, these are not recognized as being natural.
Since essential oils are expensive, many manufacturers may use tiny amount of these oils, and the brand can claim that its product is made “with natural ingredients”. Similarly, exporters from outside (especially online suppliers) also tend to dilute the oil in order to increase the volume.  In many shipments of foreign suppliers, even counterfeit essential oils have been detected. (Cases have been reported by Herbally Radiant earlier.)
With more than 40-year experience in natural organic beauty formulations, Herbally Radiant team has been warning against diluted or mixed essential oils in organic cosmetics. On its part, Herbally Radiant has been using only USDA certified natural ingredients, including the essential oils, so as to provide the most effective and safe beauty products. Its anti-aging formulations: Rejuvenating, and Radiant, are, therefore, more popular because of their rich organic ingredients combined with pure fine blend of essential oils.  

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