Wednesday, January 14, 2015


 Writing about the latest trend in beauty market, Abndrew McDougall in online journal "Cosmetics" confirms that the millennial generation is quite savvy, having access to latest information on skin and cosmetic products, and is showing greater tendency for effective anti aging products.

With growth of social media, sharing of high resolution photos and selfies young people want to look flawless, radiant and younger than their age in person and online, thus pushing the demand for products which deliver in performance and offer multi-functional benefits for a longer lasting youthful looks.

The market is flooded with variety of products, most of them containing petroleum jelly which increases self-life of products and cuts cost. However, beauty and make-up experts are cautioning against petroleum jelly which is just a thin layer over the skin, which does not get absorbed into the skin, and just "seals the dirt".

For any effective anti-aging regime, maintaining skin elasticity is very important. With aging, skin loses its elasticity, ultimately leading to lines and wrinkles. Use of chemical-based stuff can speed up this process and render aging skin lose its luster.

Vitamin A, C and E are equally important for keeping skin in good shape and naturally bright and smooth. Similarly, acne and other skin problems can also damage skin. The most common skin disorder acne is due to a variety of factors. But Herbally Radiant has specially created a full range "CLEAN" of Cleanser, Toner and Serum to deal with this, regular use of which can create dramatic effect on skin, preventing acne and eliminating any scar, leaving the skin clear, smooth and bright.

We have also been highlighting the importance of regular physical work-out and stress-free life style, which contribute to overall health and prevent emergence of premature aging signs.


For nourishing the skin with rich nutrients, preventing lines and blemishes and maintaining the youthful looks, HERBALLY RADIANT  has launched very popular herbal organic
anti-aging products : "REJUVENATING" and "RADIANT". These
contain all the Vitamins and minerals essential to maintain skin’s elasticity
and to create amazing age defying effect on skin. 

The specially chosen herbs and plant extracts, combined with unique blend of Essential Oils, in REJUVENATING and RADIANT ranges restore natural smooth radiance, aid the cell renewal process, restore collagen elasticity, giving the skin a bright porcelained look.

These can be ordered online; free shipping in US and Canada.

Millennial generation engage more and they want to prevent ageing

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