Friday, January 30, 2015


As part of its community activities, Herbally Radiant hosted the important meeting of the MFC Men's Group this Monday (Jan 26).  The Group consists representatives of all faiths: Christians, Jews, Muslims, Bahais, Buddhist, Hindus and atheists as well.

Considering the need to promote tolerance and harmony among all groups, the Group held useful deliberations on the basic concepts of all faiths and groups, and, after listening to the views of all followers (of different faiths), unanimously resolved that all belief systems had to evolve with the changing times so as to help promote unity and peace.   The Group will be working towards this objective.

The Group also considered plans to help some charity projects in Ohio.  The final decision about Group's collective or individual participation will be taken separately.

Herbally Radiant also made brief presentation on the need to follow eco-friendly life style both in terms of food habits and cosmetics as more people were now coming up with skin allergies or acne-type problems for which Herbally Radiant was offering safe and effective herbal formulations with powerful plant-based ingredients.


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