Friday, January 23, 2015


It has been reported that the lip gloss product of Christian Dior, which contained a preservative "Propyl Gallate" caused allergic reaction to a consumer in UK, causing her lips to blister.  Propyl Gallate is widely used in color cosmetics, sunscreen lotions, face cleansers and other products.

Christian Dior was good enough to express sorry and responded to customer's complaint to address the issue, and refunded the cost.  It also claimed that the ingredient Propyl Gallate was mentioned in product's label for the guidance of customers. 

However, the point is that many cosmetic brands do not give such information on the labels or package, leaving the customers at the mercy of promotional campaigns and their unverifiable claims.

It is essential, therefore, that the consumers carefully go through the ingredients in order to avoid allergy-causing or other toxic elements. 

At Herbally Radiant, we have found natural skin care products most skin friendly and safe.  These are good alternate choices for those who would want to stay away from any potentially risky ingredient or product.

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