Wednesday, October 1, 2014


The glamorous marketing campaign by the manufacturers of skin care products is creating more confusion in the minds of the consumers.  Deciding on the complaints and counter-complaints by competing firms recently, NAD (National Advertising Division) recommended P & G to drop its claim that Dove Sensitive Skin Body Wash is harsh, after brand owner Uniliver complained against the ad by P&G.

NAD based its recommendation on the test results which showed that Dove Sensitive Skin was directionally more drying than water, and statistically significantly more drying than water at different points of time. We at HERBALLY RADIANT have tested many such pharma-based skin care products like cleansers, washing formulations, moisturizers, and have found them to have gradual drying effect on the skin.

Manufacturers of beauty products are indulging in aggressive ad campaigns, glorifying their products, though all of their claims remain unverifiable. The rival claims in glamorous advertising puzzle  the minds of  consumers, especially when there is no indication of the ingredients on the labels and the consumers are left at the mercy of their imagination after reading only the lofty claims.

HERBALLY RADIANT has, therefore, been appealing to the consumers to satisfy themselves about the reliability of the product after reading the labels of the products. Absence of ingredients on the labels could obviously imply less than fair practices by the companies. The health of skin is as important as other body organs, and like medicines, beauty products, especially selling on the basis of high claims, should also enable the consumers to learn more about such products.

On the other hand, it has been seen that most of the organic beauty products tend to carry details of their ingredients on the packaging. It is very helpful to the consumers to understand the properties of those ingredients and they can make informed decision accordingly.

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