Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Recently we have come across reports quoting research at the National University of Singapore that experts have tested a new way of delivering collagens into the skin without much discomfort to the consumer.  It consists of an adhesive patch to which are attached tiny needles. These are said to create a new transdermal delivery system up to dermis layer of skin. 

This new procedure which is still being tested, is more a technological step aimed at quicker delivery of ingredients to the skin.  However, those conversant with the herbal organic ingredients have already made significant contribution in this regard.  They have identified such natural ingredients which are efficient conductor of nutrients to the skin.

What is, in fact,  more important is the kind of ingredients which the consumer would like the skin to be fed with. As we have been emphasizing repeatedly, most of the pharma-based products, with potentially risky side effects, tend to put a layer over the skin. These clog the pores and do not help the skin; on the other hand, clogging the pores can lead to many other skin disorders.  

The experts in herbal organic beauty ingredients have successfully used, over the centuries, natural effective conductors like aloe vera and similar plant and fruit extracts. In combination with other beneficial extracts,  these penetrate down to the dermis layers of the skin to help rebuild the molecular cell structure of the elastin and restore and reduce visual signs of aging.

Organic ingredients are, therefore, the best natural means of feeding the skin with right nutrients. These do not clog the pores and are able to penetrate the skin gently  and fairly speedily.  Ingredients like aloe vera also promote new cell growth, which means that dead skin sloughs off and allows fresh new skin to be produced at accelerated pace.  The new cell growth then reduces lines, wrinkles, scarring and discoloration. 

At HERBALLY RADIANT we have many products which are aloe-based for creating the best effect on skin.  Efficient natural conductors are able to work fast and effectively without any special technology. For example, in serums that Herbally Radiant has formulated, there are tiny molecules rich in nutrients which are able to penetrate the skin most efficiently to create excellent results. On the other hand, in the case of chemical ingredients, like the microbeads which are plastic particles and used in many skin care products, these tend to form a layer over the skin and cannot penetrate the skin.

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